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2012 Tonys - BwayGirl NYC's Live Tony Blog!

Welcome to the @BroadwayGirlNYC 2012 Tony Awards LIVE BLOG!!

Note that new items will be posted at the TOP (lines closest to this message are the NEWEST), so refresh often!

If you're on the go, you can keep up with the live blog via my Twitter feed @BroadwayGirlNYC.




NOW LET'S DO IT ALL AGAIN FOR THE WEST COAST!!!  #TonyAwards #GoodnightEverybody

Couldn't be happier on this #TonyAwards night 2012. So proud to be a tiny part of this incredible community. THANK YOU AND GOODNIGHT!!!

BEST MUSICAL TONY AWARD IS... ONCE!!!!!!  Aaahahahahhhhhhhh I AM LITERALLY DYING!!! #oknotliterally #TonyAwards

I SURE hope the DVRers added time past 11pm...!! #TonyAwards

Congrats to Audra McDonald for winning her 5th Tony -- her FIRST as a leading actress!!  #TonyAwards

LEADING ACTRESS IN A PLAY TONY GOES TO... Nina Arianda!!!  She so deserves it!!! #TonyAwards

Here comes Christopher Plummer to present Best Leading Actress Tonys (both musical & play)!!  #TonyAwards

Are they afraid we are going to think it's, like, Snoop Dogg's Death of a Salesman? #JustSayin #TonyAwards

Performance by @LeapofFaithbway. I do love me some Raul. But where is Jessica Phillips?  #TonyAwards

James Corden wins a deserved Best Actor in a play for One Man, Two Guvnors.  Congrats!!  #TonyAwards

Haven't seen such a lovely, sincere & moving acceptance speech in many years. You go, @SteveKazee. #TonyAwards


"The cast of Hairspray has been taken over by Pirates" #TonyAwards

Just a question leading up to the next #TonyAwards segment: What's an Ackman?  #HugeAckman

Did some guy bring a Real Doll to as his date to the #TonyAwards?? 

HARVEY FIERSTEIN's outfit #WHAT?!?  #TonyAwards

The Gershwins' @PorgyAndBess has won Best Revival of a Musical!!!  #TonyAwards

PATTI and MANDY.  Can I please shrink you down, and carry you both around in my pocket so I can hear/see you ALL THE TIME?? #TonyAwards

Jeff Croiter wins Best Lighting Design of a Play for @StarcatcherBway!!  #cleaningup #TonyAwards

I hear that Patti & Mandy are presenting together, and that they're doing something fun & special.. color me PUMPED!! #TonyAwards

Very impressed (& I gotta say, a little surprised) at how excellent Ricky Martin is in Evita.  Great perf tonight! #TonyAwards

"We say Thank You to everyone who says YES!" -- @Jordan_Roth #TonyAwards

Best Play: the play that almost wasn't... CLYBOURNE PARK!!!  Congrats!!! LOVED it.  #TonyAwards

I was REALLY hoping that Jim Parsons would throw a "Bazinga" in there #TonyAwards

"Tyler Perry just sold out the entire run of "Porgy & Medea"" #TonyAwards

Best Lighting Design of a Musical goes to Natasha Katz for @OnceMusical!!  #TonyAwards

One of my favorite descriptions of ONCE: "It's the perfect non-jazz-hands musical." Think I heard it on Sirius XM Radio from @Julie_James..?

Up next: my favorite musical of the year performs. @OnceMusical!!!  #TonyAwards

Tyler Perry presents Best Revival of a Play.  Winner is... Death of a Salesman!!  #HiScottRudin #TonyAwards

BOB CROWLEY, for @OnceMusical, wins Best Scenic Design of a Musical!!  #TonyAwards

Best Scenic Design of a Musical: any predictions?  #TonyAwards

Porgy and Bess performance now.  Wow, what an exhilerating show!!  #TonyAwards

After 8 Oscars, 11 Grammys, a Drama Desk, & 7 Golden Globes, @AIMenken FINALLY has a Tony!! @Newsies #TonyAwards

Why is Sheryl Crow at the @TonyAwards, you ask?  Because she just wrote the score for "Diner: The Musical"!  #TonyAwards

THIS MEDLEY IS MY FAVORITE PART OF THE NIGHT!  (Ok, 2nd fave after Borle's win) #TonyAwards

And @StarcatcherBway has won again!!  Donyale Werle wins for Scenic Design of a play!! #TonyAwards

During this commercial break the winner of Best Scenic Design of a Play will be announced... #TonyAwards

NPH jumps into @StarcatcherBway scene & says to Borle, "Oh, go back to your series." Counts as a mention of #Smash for #TonysDrinkingGame!

"We lost my dad last week. Like me, he was a life-long fan of the Gershwins. Thank you, Daddy." - Judy Kaye #tearstearstears #TonyAwards

Featured Actress in a Musical GOES TO... Judy Kaye for @NiceWorkBway!! I hope she swings from the chandelier at the Beacon!!! #TonyAwards

James Marsden!  Now I'd like a slice of THAT for dessert.  #TonyAwards

I covet @CameronMAdams' abs #TonyAwards  cc@NiceWorkBway

The next non-televised award is Best Costume Design of a Musical.  And the winner is... GREGG BARNES of @FolliesBroadway!! #TonyAwards

The next non-televised award is Best Costume Design of a Musical.  And the winner is... 

SO MUCH.  RT @Scamandalous Delayed tweet: how much would you have died if Christian Bale had presented @Newsies? #tonyawards

Matt Morrison!  Not sure I dig the 5 o'clock shadow, but you know what? I'm not THAT mad at it.  #TonyAwards

HE WINS!!  CHRISTIAN BORLE WINS THE TONY!!!  I KNEW IT!!!  I'M SO PUMPED!!!!!!! I LOVE HIM!!!!! #StarcatcherBway #TonyAwards

AHhhhhhhhhhh Laughing so hard at @ActuallyNPH hanging upside down behind Angela Lansbury & Ted Chapin!! #TonyAwards

Best Costume Design of a play goes to... No surprise, Paloma Young for @StarcatcherBway!!! #StarStuff #TonyAwards

During this commercial break, the Tony for Best Costume Design of a Play will be announced... who is your pick to win?? #TonyAwards

The legend @BenVereen, one of my all-time faves, introduces an "electrifying" performance by @JoshPaulYoung (hot in blue) & @SuperstarBway!

Mike Nicholls: "There's not a person in this audience who doesn't know what it's like to be a Salesman" #TonyAwards

In his acceptance speech, Mike Nicholls tells of winning a pie-eating contest at the Beacon (when it showed films) when he was a kid!

Best Direction of a Play goes TO... Mike Nicholls for Death of a Salesman @SalesmanBway!! It's his record 6th Tony out of 18 nominations!!

John Tiffany just won for Best Direction of a Musical for @OnceMusical!  It's his Broadway Directorial Debut!! #TonyAwards

John Laroquette presents best Direction Tonys for both Play & Musical!  #TonyAwards

Not shown on TV: @StarcatcherBway just won for Best Sound Design of a Play!  #commercialbreak @TonyAwards

Performance from @GhostBroadway begins with @CaissieLevy singing Unchained Melody... and goes into an original from the show. #TonyAwards

Super sad because this is probably the last time we'll see a live performance from the remarkable revival of @FolliesBroadway #TonyAwards

Bernadette Peters introduces the performance from @FolliesBroadway.  Danny Burstein sings & dances in "Buddy's Blues" #TonyAwards

And Featured Actor in a Musical goes TO... Michael McGraw as Cookie McGee in @NiceWorkBway!! #TonyAwards

And Featured Actor in a Musical goes TO... 

NPH suggests movie/musical mashups, incl. Exorcister Act, Field of Dream Girls, & My Left Footloose #TonyAwards

Winner of the Tony for best sounds design IS... Clive Goodwin for @OnceMusical!! #TonyAwards

Winner of the Tony for best sounds design IS... 

The cast of @Newsies has gotta feel GREAT performing this number, since the show ALREADY won for choreography!! #TonyAwards

NICK JONAS with a buzzed head!  He is the ambassador for Kids Night on Bway and he introduces the @Newsies performance. #TonyAwards

Judith Light: "I am the luckiest girl in New York tonight" #TonyAwards

And the winner of Featured Actress in a Play IS... Judith Light!! #TonyAwards

And the winner of Featured Actress in a Play IS... 

Paul Rudd presenting Featured Actress in a Play. (He comes back to Bway in "Grace" later this year) #TonyAwards

Surprise cameos from Jesse Tyler Ferguson and ANNIE!!  #TonyAwards

"What if all your colleagues were hotties, with impressively flexibly bodies?" #TonyAwards

PATTI LUPONE as a hot housewife with a lawn mower.  My life is somehow strangely complete now  #TonyAwards

SEXY COSTUME CHANGE, @ActuallyNPH!!!  I think that means you need to take a drink, everyone playing the #TonyAwards Drinking Game... 

Neil Patrick Harris doing an awesome job singing & dancing & controlling the weather on the #TonyAwards!!  

How long till #50ShadesofGay is trending??  #TonyAwards @ActuallyNPH

John Lithgow, Phillip Seymor Hoffman in the audience at the #TonyAwards!  Dapper!!

OMG, @ActuallyNPH is a Mormon!!!!! #TonyAwards #Hello

Opening number: Mormons knocking on the dressing room doors of Ricky Martin, M Broderick, C Nixon, JE Jones, & more!!  #TonyAwards


Best Book of a Musical: winner of the Tony is... Enda Walsh, for @OnceMusical!!!!  #TonyAwards

The Tony Award for Best Chroegraphy has been awarded to my pick: Christopher Gattelli for @Newsies!! #TonyAwards

On @NY1onstage, Alice Ripley says "It's all about Brian D'Arcy James' eyebrows. Don't they look great tonight?" #TonyAwards

Martin Lowe has won the Tony for Best Orchestrations for @OnceMusical! #TonyAwards

It isn't on TV yet, but Bernadette Peters just received her special humanitarian award at the #TonyAwards. @BroadwayBarks

Ooooh, @NikkiMJames!!!  Looking hottttt!!!! #TonyAwards

Linda Lavin: "Nicky Silver is not nominated, but he should be. Someday he will be." #preach #TonyAwards

Nina Arianda in strapless black satin.  An homage to her "dominating" role in @VenusInFurBway??

Audra is up for her FIFTH Tony.  Pretty ridiculously awesome.  #TonyAwards

Audra McDonald in royal blue & beautiful flowing hair... I sometimes can't believe she is actually mortal, know what I mean? #TonyAwards

Gavin Creel just announced his participation in a summer tour that "rhymes with Schmook of Schmormon" on the #TonyAwards telecast :-)

Jan Maxwell re: Follies: "My body at my age doing that stuff -- I thought 'Jan, you are too old to be doing this stuff!'" #TonyAwards

Every time I see @JanMaxwellNYC, I think of my twitter bud @jenashtep who is almost violently passionate about everything Maxwell. #staycalm

Congrats to Condola Rashad aka @phloella, who watched her mom Phylicia Rashad at the Tonys as a kid; but is now here for her own nomination!

"It is so thrilling to let the country see what we actually do." -- Diane Paulus #TonyAwards

Nick Jonas is so poised, such a pro. Does it make sense to say he is "old for his age" (in a good way)?  #TonyAwards

First #TonyAwards tears. RT @schrader99 

Used to sit w Mom & Dad on TONY night & dream of making it. Here I am. I know ur watching from above

Norm Lewis: "I've been doing this for over 2 decades. To be recognized this way is awesome. I'm so excited. I feel like a little kid" #Tonys

Tracie Bennett" "If my voice cracks it doesn't matter, since I play Judy Garland at the end of her life" @EndofRainbowBWY #TonyAwards

Douglas Carter Beane (book writer of @LyssieJones) & Tracie Bennett (star of @EndofRainbowBWY) on the red carpet together. #TonyAwards

Bernadette Peters: "I haven't seen @StarcatcherBway yet, but I'm going tomorrow!  Really!" #TonyAwards

Bernadette Peters on walking the red carpet: "It's more fun & easier every time" #TonyAwards

Someone MUST wrote a webvideo called "Bernadette Peters & The Starcatcher," AM I RIGHT?!  #TonyAwards @StarcatcherBway 

Hugh Jackman on the upcoming Houdini musical, in which he will star: "We do our first act read-through in about a week" #TonyAwards

Love that almost all of the commercials on the @NY1OnStage red carpet broadcast are for Broadway Shows!!  #TonyAwards

Josh Groban on the #TonyAwards red carpet, there to introduce @OnceMusical's performance. I wish Josh had shaved. 

Jessica Chastain in a sparkly nude long-sleeve number, Beth Leavel in a one-strap burgundy dress.  So glamorous I might die!!  #TonyAwards

Cynthia Nixon accepts congratulations on her wedding to Christine Marinoni, which happened just 2 wks ago! #TonyAwards

The Keenan-Bolger Twins (not actually twins) are simply GLOWING on that red carpet.  I want to hang out with them! @CeliaKB @KeenanBlogger

"Who are you wearing?" Cristin Milioti: "Jason Woo." @CeliaKB: "Monique Lhuillie." @KeenanBolger: "Gap Kids" #TonyAwards

Jeremy Jordan: "The crazy die-hard @Newsies fans came wanting to hate it... then they'd say 'it totally blew my mind!'" #TonyAwards

Harvey Fierstein: "I have to pinch myself... I'm still as stagestruck as anybody." #TonyAwards @Newsies

Jeremy Jordan is my fave yet on the #TonyAwards red carpet.  So handsome.  He is with @HarveyFierstein talking @Newsies!!

Bernadette Peters in a GORGEOUS strapless purple dress -- eggplant, I'd say -- with hair swept up to show off her beautiful neck #TonyAwards

Congrats to Actors Equity, celebrating their centennial anniversary at tonight's #TonyAwards!!! 

Ron Raines on working with Stephen Sondheim: "He can say a single word that will open up the treasure box" of acting.  #TonyAwards

.@JayneHoudyshell & Ron Raines on the #TonyAwards red carpet, both in black and looking glam! Jayne: "I teared up all week, so sad to close"

Daunting for Michael @Cerveris to take on Che in @evitabroadway? "Yes, of course. We stand on the shoulders of the original." #TonyAwards

The beautiful @elizabetadavis plays an instrument every performance of @OnceMusical that her grandmother gave her at age 12. #TonyAwards

Juan Peron aka Michael @Cerveris is on the carpet. His hairdo is AMAZING!! #kidding #baldjoke #TonyAwards

.@DavidAlanGrier re: having been in @PorgyBessOnBway for a year: "It's fun. It's wonderful. There is no shortcut. A year is not that long"

.@DavidAlanGrier on the #TonyAwards red carpet: "Tonight is so emotional... I won't start drinking heavily till AFTER the performance"

Today would have been Judy Garland's 90th birthday. Cast & crew of @EndofRainbowBWY is hoping that brings them luck at the #TonyAwards!

Caissie Levy & Richard Fleeshman looking beautiful on the #TonyAwards red carpet. @CassieLevy is a vision in blue. cc @GhostBroadway 

Yep! All of Bway is at the #TonyAwards. RT @AmySmllwd Question: What about the actual shows? Does Broadway take the night off? 

.@Chandelier-Beret: "I break character 6 of 8 performances every week, because Christian Borle is so amazing." #TonyAwards @StarcatcherBway

Adam Chander-Berat @ChandelierBeret is in Times Square. Looking at billboards of himself he says "This is a narcissist's dream!" #TonyAwards

Danny Burstein on the #TonyAwards red carpet: "@FolliesBroadway has gotten better every step of the way. It's brilliant, brilliant material"

Danny Burstein of @FolliesBroadway: "I did 16 shows in a row, took a red-eye in, was at rehearsal at 8:30am, & have had 2 hours of sleep"

.@SteveKazee is carrying a snapshot of his mom, who recently passed from cancer, in his pocket on the #TonyAwards red carpet. @OnceMusical 

.@SteveKazee: "I choke back tears almost every night while singing Falling Slowly. It's a melody that will last forever" #TonyAwards 

#TonyAwards red carpet - @SteveKazee looking SMOKIN in his tux. The red carpet is only 7 minutes deep and already the stars are out!!

Josh Young looks HOT on the #TonyAwards red carpet!!! @joshpaulyoung @SuperstarBway 

Alan Menken talking @Newsies on the #TonyAwards red carpet says: "The Tony Award is home"

Crowd has already gathered in @TimesSquareNYC to watch the #TonyAwards on the big screen. Not to late to join them...

Red carpet coverage has begun for the 2012 #TonyAwards!! 

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