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17 MINUTES Premieres at TBG Mainstage Theatre

17 MINUTES Premieres at TBG Mainstage Theatre

Seventeen minutes may not seem like a whole lot of time, but in the play by Scott Organ it's a lifetime sentence.

Directed by Seth Barrish, 17 Minutes takes us inside the lives of those impacted by a local school shooting, and one man's battle between right and wrong. The Sheriff's Deputy Andy Rubens (Larry Mitchell) was at the scene during the day a student brought a gun to school and took the lives of several fellow classmates. But Rubens didn't necessarily act the way others thought he should, and the seventeen minutes that went by during this time will haunt him forever.

Throughout this 75-minute play, the audience witnesses the strong reactions from the community about Rubens possible mishap, such as with those he works with, his wife, and his friends.

Ruben's guilt and frustration takes him on a whirlwind of emotions, questioning everything from his own actions to his own self worth. And just when it seems like everyone is against him and Rubens is at his worst, an unexpected interaction helps to understand the true meaning of forgiveness.

This is an all-too-relatable topic with an intense story that surrounds us with grief and anger. But thankfully there's more. This story is also about understanding and acceptance, not only for others but for ourselves. It will break your heart but leave you with a sense of some much-needed hope.

17 Minutes is now playing through February 15th at The Barrow Group Mainstage Theatre.

(Photo courtesy of Joey Moro)

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