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13th Street Rep to Host Sound and Music Healing Event

13th Street Repertory Theater (50 West 13th Street, NYC) will present Summer Soul Sounds: Music for the Mind, Body & Spirit on August 14 from 6 - 9 pm. For more information, visit

Have you ever sung a child to sleep; listened to a familiar tune to feel "better;" put on exciting music to "motivate" you ... then you have already experienced sound and music healing. Have you ever cried during a romantic or sad part of a film; knew something terrible was going to happen in a horror movie because the music got "creepy;" or even metered your own words to enhance a point... then you have already experienced sound and music healing.

Mary Elizabeth Micari, an ordained minister and Reiki master, has gathered a group of vibrant knowledgeable musicians to create an afternoon of sound and music healing.

This is a prime opportunity to experience ancient styles of music, Reiki, meditation, sound baths and soaks, and much more. "You'll come away enriched and enlightened," said Reverend Micari about this innovative program at one of New York's landmark theatres, originally part of the independent theatre movement of the 1960s.

Ms. Micari recently gained notoriety in The Huffington Post for her unqiue musical compositions.

Joining Rev. Mary (who will sing and chant in Gaelic and Calabrese languages, play ancient instruments, and duet with famed harpist Richard Spendio), is international singer Malia Kulp, who will use her voice along with instrumentation to create deep hands-on energy work with the audience; celebrated Jazz instrumentalist Erik Lawrence will use his Sax & Flutes to create a meditation experience; Daniel Lauter (pictured) will present unique musical works with singing bowls; and George Brandon, will share some ancient historical facts and examples via an original music piece celebrating this spiritual art quickly entering mainstream culture.

The program will include performances utilizing unique instrumentation like singing bowls and monochords with flute, sax, drums, and more. The event is designed to create a therapeutic atmosphere for the audience as well as a better understanding of sound and music healing.

Refreshments will be served.

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