Adrian Mole - The Musical

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Adrian Mole - The Musical
Posted: 11/13/13 at 01:22pm
Saw the workshop performance of Adrian Mole, last Friday in the Delfont Rooms at The Prince of Wales Theatre, London.

I can easily say this is going to be a hit musical. Written by Jake Brunger and Pippa Cleary, it has a catchy and infectious score and a script that bursts with humour and great story telling.

The cast for this show were brilliant and brought all aspects of the script (which they were holding) to life especially the younger members of the show.

The cast were;

Adrian - Adam Scotland
Pandora - Emily Lane
Nigel - Connor Fitzgeral
Barry - Bailey Pepper
Mum - Sally Ann Triplett
Dad - Alasdair Harvey
Mr Lucas - James Gaddas
Mrs Lucas/Dorren/Miss Elf - Sarah Earnshaw
Grandma - Elizabeth Seal
Bert Baxter - Martin Johnston

The show was directed by Luke Sheppard.

The audience was full of industry producers who appeared to love it, if their laugh out loud moments were anything to go by.

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Adrian Mole - The Musical
Posted: 11/13/13 at 01:45pm
Jake and Pippa are brilliant young musical theatre writers - been a massive fan of their work for a number of years. Their shows JET SET GO and THE GREAT BRITISH SOAP OPERA at the Edinburgh Fringe a few years ago were both fantastic pieces of writing and hilariously funny.

I was at the reading of another of their new shows - A BRITISH BOY IN BROOKLYN - at the Landor back in February and that was quite brilliant as well.

The Adrian Mole show has been in development for quite a while. I heard one of the superb songs from it in March 2012 when Ben Stott performed it in a cabaret at the Battersea Barge (which my co-writer Joe Sterling and I were also involved in).

I hope that this show brings them the success and acclaim they deserve.
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Adrian Mole - The Musical
Posted: 11/13/13 at 01:52pm
Is this based on the first book or just the series as a whole?
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Adrian Mole - The Musical
Posted: 11/13/13 at 02:07pm
The first book. It deals with a year in the life of Adrian.

Starts on New Years Day 1981 and ends at Christmas of that year. So it covers the Royal Wedding of Charles and Di and an hysterical retelling of the nativity.
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Adrian Mole - The Musical
Posted: 11/13/13 at 07:21pm
Adrian Mole was the book to read when i was a kid, i loved the whole series and still have them. It would seem to lend itself very well to a musical version. Does the name Adrian Mole (13 3/4!) still have a resonance with kids today? or will it be a new introduction for them?
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Adrian Mole - The Musical
Posted: 11/14/13 at 09:15am
Cleverly this spans a few generations. For my generation it was THE book to read, pre Harry Potter.

So for an older generation it will resonate as a trip down memory lane but for a younger generation it deals with many of the issues they are confronting today, hormones, identity, moving from child to young adult, first love and all those other teenage angst issues.

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Adrian Mole - The Musical
Posted: 11/14/13 at 11:31am
This one will be really interesting right?