Democracy Comes To London!

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Democracy Comes To London!#1
Posted: 4/26/12 at 8:24am
Democracy Comes To London!

The highly acclaimed Sheffield Theatre production of 'Democracy' by Michael Frayn comes to London for a brief season.

Old Vic Theatre, London.
Opening 20th June 2012
Previews from 15 June
Closing 14th July 2012.

Directed by Paul Miller
Designed by Simon Daw
Lighting by Mark Doubleday.ighting by Ben & Max Ringham.

The cast will feature Andrew Bridgmont, David Cann, Patrick Drury, Richard Hope, William Hoyland, Ed Hughes, David Mallinson, Aidan McArdle, James Quinn and Rupert Vansittart.

About the geopolitical ambitions of an inspirational politician and the forces in play around him, exploring the Machiavellian nature of coalition government. West German Chancellor Willy Brandt - one of the most charismatic leaders in post-war politics - makes history as he starts to reunite Europe; but he discovers things arenít as straightforward as they seem when a spy is uncovered in his office and his plans are thrown into chaos.
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Democracy Comes To London!#2
Posted: 4/26/12 at 9:53am
Saw this when it was on Broadway - a lot of men in suits and a bit of a yawn, frankly.
Faced with these Loreleis, what man can moralize!
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Democracy Comes To London!#2
Posted: 4/26/12 at 2:34pm
I hated this tedious play and I think Paul Miller is a hack director. I shan't be booking!
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Democracy Comes To London!#3
Posted: 4/27/12 at 1:54pm
Sorry folks - I saw this in Sheffield and thought it was brilliant.

And it holds a unique position in my theatrical lexicon as well: it was the best play I've ever smelt.

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