Christophe Philipps Will Lead in Three Key Brighton Fringe Productions in May

Christophe Philipps Will Lead in Three Key Brighton Fringe Productions in May

Actor Christophe Philipps will lead in three key Brighton Fringe productions in May, despite only moving to Brighton in January this year.

The 33-year-old, who hails from Battle near Hastings, will play the lead role in musical The Opinion Makers, multiple parts in topical sketch night The Treason Show, and act, direct and produce his self-penned 'comic odyssey into the obscure', A Still Life.

It all began when the former teacher moved to the London Road area of Brighton in January to pursue an acting career. Within weeks, he scored a part on the long-running The Treason Show, also contributing as sketch writer and musician. Christophe said, "The Treason Show was a fantastic start to life in Brighton, and reaffirmed my love of theatre." He has since joined the show in February and March, and will appear in its Fringe run at the Brunswick on Friday 16th, Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th May and at Latest Music Bar on Thursday 22nd to Saturday 24th May.

Christophe capitalised on this success by winning the lead role of Fernsby in Mitchell & Nixon's 1960s-set The Opinion Makers. The musical comedy, which satirises the world of PR with swipes at politics, class and sex, previewed at Lewes Con Club on 27th March and continues to Latest Music Bar on Monday 5th, Tuesday 6th and Saturday 11th May. Christophe said, "It's a very funny show with catchy songs, and Fernsby's great fun."

The final piece of the puzzle came when Christophe launched his A Bunch of Actors company to stage A Still Life at Upstairs at Three and Tenon Friday 16th to Sunday 18th, and Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th May. The moving and inventive comedy, which features a 'bunch' of actors all new to Brighton, sees pregnant free spirit Jude awake in a mental hospital with no idea who she is and encounter a maze of moral conundrums, mind-boggling psycho-babble and the dreaded 'shock therapy'. "It's an ideal Fringe show as it looks at mental health and makes light of it, but with a point," Christophe commented. "It'll have you laughing, crying, and laughing again."

The multi-talented thespian still finds it hard to believe how much has been possible by moving to Brighton: "It's not easy trying to 'make it', especially in a new city - and I've never even seen a Fringe show before. Now this newcomer is in two big productions and running his own. That's the great thing about Brighton and the Fringe - anything goes!"

Visit or telephone 01273 917272 for tickets and information on The Opinion Makers, The Treason Show and A Still Life.

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