Bruce Joel Rubin, Creator of GHOST, Is 'Overwhelmed' by Musical's Success

Bruce Joel Rubin, Creator of GHOST, Is 'Overwhelmed' by Musical's Success

Bruce Joel Rubin wrote Ghost almost 25 years ago. Since then, it has been adapted as a musical with the help of Dave Stewart and Glen Ballard, who worked on the music and lyrics. When Ghost hit the silver screen back in 1990, Rubin never thought it would stand the test of time, let alone become a musical. Because of its unexpected success, Rubin has a few words he wanted to share. This morning, on Ghost the Musical's Facebook page, there was a letter from Rubin:

"When I wrote Ghost as a movie nearly 25 years ago I never dreamed that people would still be talking about it all these years later. And I never ever imagined that they would be singing its songs (I never imagined that it would even have songs) or that people would see it repeatedly in theaters all over the UK. I am told that there are people who have seen it 50 times (besides the producers) and I am overwhelmed by the love and support you have offered all along the way. From the moment we opened in Manchester, almost three years ago, I could feel the roar of approval and joy that filled the theater night after night. I can even feel it now. Thank you for that gift. Thank you for embracing our show, for caring about it, for believing in it. You are why we made it. It is my deepest hope and prayer that the love inside - you take it with you."

Ghost is a timeless fantasy about the power of love. Walking back to their apartment one night, Sam and Molly are mugged, leaving Sam murdered on a dark street. Sam is trapped as a ghost between this world and the next and unable to leave Molly who he learns is in grave danger. With the help of a phony storefront psychic, Oda Mae Brown, Sam tries to communicate with Molly in the hope of saving and protecting her.

For more information about the show, click here to visit the official website.

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