August 23
9:07 AM 2010

Barockestra: Rocking the Classics is not the type of show you'll see very often. The world's most popular classic music combined with a live rock band, ballet dancers, an opera singer and a vocalist who's popular in Germany (not The Hoff).

The concept of the show is imaginative. By adding a rock twist to classical music it makes the music much more appealing to an audience who may have previously considered the classics to be too stuffy or inaccessible for them to try, but also allows classical music fans the chance to experience a fresh take on songs they've heard many times before.

The show starts off very strong. After a brief introduction the show, front man Steve Grant begins a presentation that tracks classical music from its roots, with the use of some amusing Powerpoint slides and his trusty band behind him to illustrate the styles mentioned. The humour running through the show also further proves the point that classical music doesn't have to be serious and formal, and really draws you in to the style of the show. The band, dancers and vocalists are all very talented and are clearly confident performers.

The show's main weakness is that after the initial history of classical music section trails off, the show loses its way a little and feels a bit unstructured. It's the type of flaw which would be easily fixed if the same entertaining, structured approach was carried on all through the show, but as it stands the second half feels like it lacks a little purpose.

But that said, overall it was still very entertaining and many audience members were on their feet by the end, proving that sometimes all people need is a group of great performers in order to have a good night.


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Julia Hogg Julia was born and raised in London, had a brief (10-year) interlude living in New Zealand, and moved back to London in 2007. She has spent a slightly worrying amount of time and money in West End and fringe theatres ever since, where her unabashed love for musicals has flourished. She has a very normal day-job in order to support her theatre habit, and can often be heard to comment "well, it'd almost be rude NOT to see it". She has a background in psychology, a keen interest in Deaf culture and is currently learning British Sign Language. If you need to contact her, she will most likely be in a theatre somewhere.


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