GTA theatre to borrow a page from Punchdrunk

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"Michael Rubinoff, the associate dean of visual and performing arts at Sheridan College, has teamed up with Outside the March’s Mitchell Cushman and Convergence Theatre’s Julie Tepperman for a megaproject with the working title of Brantwood that will open in Oakville in April 2015."

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Oakville, really. Mind as well post the closing notice now.
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@Tag I completely agree, but its intention is not to be an open-ended run. This will (likely) be part of Theatre Sheridan's 2014/15 season. Sheridan College students and residents of the surrounding cities will attend. It will not be difficult to sell out the 200 tickets per night.

What concerns me is the "ghostly school reunion" concept - an over-glorified haunted house costume party.
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to be fair- "Tamara" was really the original interactive. Not saying the concept hasn't been built on since but really- it was first.

Yeah- Oakville?
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