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American Symphony Season Opener to Recapture 1913 New York Armory Show, 10/3
by BWW News Desk - Sep 4, 2013

The American Symphony Orchestra's upcoming season, full of discoveries and revolution begins with New York Avant-Garde on October 3, 2013. In partnership with the New-York Historical Society's new exhibition and catalog, the ASO recreates the fall-out in music of the famous New York Armory visual arts show of a century ago, in 1913. (more...)

U.S. Drivers Becoming Increasingly Comfortable With Usage-Based Auto Insurance Programs
by BWW News Desk - Sep 3, 2014

“Clearly, UBI continues to gain steam in the marketplace, and our survey results support this trend,” said Robin Harbage, global lead for Towers Watson's UBI practice and DriveAbility service offering. “Today, all 50 states have four or more personal auto UBI programs implemented.” (more...)

Michael Phelps Visits Own Signature Swim Spa Tour Facility
by BWW News Desk - Sep 23, 2013

Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian in history, visited Fort Wayne today. The purpose of Phelps visit was to tour the facility where the Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spas line of premium swim and fitness spas are manufactured and meet with the executive team at Master Spas, but he managed to squeeze quite a bit more into his visit. (more...)

BWW Reviews: Yellow Tree Theatre Recruits an All-Star Team for their Sweet, Funny, Beautiful Production of THE RAINMAKER
by Jill Schafer - Sep 22, 2014

Sometimes something or someone comes along in life that changes everything. Such is Starbuck, aka THE RAINMAKER, to the Curry family in Depression era middle America in N. Richard Nash's play 60-year-old play. Yellow Tree Theatre is mounting a lovely new production of this play with an all-star team of YTT regulars and newcomers. It's funny and sweet, hopeful and devastating, a prime example of the beautiful theater that Yellow Tree has been doing for going on seven years, made only richer by the influx of talent from the larger Twin Cities theater scene. (more...)

Biometric Experts Comment on Launch of Apple Pay Smart Wallet Payment Service
by BWW News Desk - Sep 12, 2014

NEW YORK and POINT ROBERTS, Washington, September 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ (more...)

Review – ALL THE FACES OF THE MOON Takes Daisey Full Circle
by Michael Dale - Sep 12, 2013

Mike Daisey's 29 monologues explore New York through an entire lunar cycle. (more...)

The Jonas Brothers Cancel Upcoming Tour Following 'Deep Rift Within the Band'
by BWW News Desk - Oct 9, 2013

Derris said the future of the brothers' band is up in the air for now, and whether they'll stick together (as bandmates at least) 'Remains to Be Seen.' (more...)

75 percent of global business leaders are exploring the economic opportunities created by the Internet of Things
by BWW News Desk - Oct 29, 2013

ARM CEO Simon Segars says: “The Internet of Things runs on ARM. By connecting the next 30bn devices, the ARM ecosystem is transforming lives by improving the management of our cities, health services, environment and education systems. Our technologies provide the functional building blocks in a huge range of products including cars, heart monitoring systems, washing machines and lighting. Energy efficiency and miniaturisation are essential in these technologies, for example, the ARM Cortex-M0+ processor fits within the width of the average human hair - an essential component if we are to unlock the full business benefits of IoT. With this kind of innovative design, alongside our diverse, dynamic business ecosystem, we can unlock the full business benefits of IoT.” (more...)

Record Smartphone Shipments Grow the Market 38.8% in the Third Quarter of 2013, Making Way For A Strong Holiday Quarter, According to IDC
by BWW News Desk - Oct 29, 2013

In the worldwide mobile phone market (inclusive of smartphones), vendors shipped 467.9 million units in 3Q13 compared to the 442.7 million units shipped in 3Q12, representing 5.7% year-over-year growth. Third quarter shipments were up 7.0% when compared to the 437.4 million units shipped in 2Q13. (more...)

American Symphony Season Opener to Recapture 1913 New York Armory Show Today
by BWW News Desk - Oct 2, 2013

The American Symphony Orchestra's upcoming season, full of discoveries and revolution begins with New York Avant-Garde today, October 3, 2013. In partnership with the New-York Historical Society's new exhibition and catalog, the ASO recreates the fall-out in music of the famous New York Armory visual arts show of a century ago, in 1913. (more...)

BWW Interviews: Denver Center's Mike Hartman and Lauren Klein on Happiness, Marriage, and Death (of a Salesman)...
by Michael Mulhern - Oct 2, 2013

I sat down with the phenomenally talented couple, Mike Hartman and Lauren Klein to discuss romance on and off the stage, the impact of theater in their lives, and taking on such iconic and challenging roles! (more...)

Al Jazeera America Takes to the Airwaves: Christopher Johnson, CEO of Whitehorn Group, Ponders This Media Brand's Potential
by BWW News Desk - Oct 11, 2013

NEW YORK, NY -  After one of the largest ever launches in the news industry, Al Jazeera America is now on the airwaves and getting up to speed. Christopher Johnson, CEO of Whitehorn Group, a brand strategy firm in New York says, 'I applaud this monumental and well-coordinated effort. However, there is an equally large unknown here: How will the public perceive this new news network?' Their tagline promises: 'Know More News, No More Noise' to deliver unbiased, fact-based and a uniquely in-depth brand of journalism. Johnson continues, 'From my perspective as a branding expert, the most critical issue is about branding, and still Remains to Be Seen.' (more...)

Report: Jonas Brothers' Tour Cancellation Could Cost Them MILLIONS!
by BWW News Desk - Oct 11, 2013

Today, MTV reports that the cancellation 'probably wasn't covered under the insurance policy they took out on the tour, meaning that the Jonas Brothers may be on the hook for millions of dollars, as promoters and vendors look to recoup the money they've laid out in advance of the shows.' (more...)

BWW Reviews: KEELER, Charing Cross Theatre, November 6 2013
by Gary Naylor - Nov 7, 2013

Towards the end of Keeler (at the Charing Cross Theatre until 14th December) old newspaper photos flash on the big screen behind the stage and it all becomes clear. (more...)

Android Pushes Past 80% Market Share While Windows Phone Shipments Leap 156.0% Year Over Year in the Third Quarter, According to IDC
by BWW News Desk - Nov 12, 2013

Also reaching a milestone was Microsoft's Windows Phone, which grew an amazing 156.0% year over year. Granted, volumes started from a small base of 3.7 million units a year ago and overall market share is still less than five percent. But Microsoft's efforts, with Nokia's support behind it, helped drive the platform into multiple tiers and price points. (more...)

BWW Interviews: Kiefer Sutherland Talks Event Series 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY, Premiering Tonight!
by Caryn Robbins - May 5, 2014

Today, Kiefer Sutherland, who also serves as executive producer of the show, spoke with BWW and other members of the press about this exciting television event! (more...)

GfK's Krajicek Joins Executive Panel To Discuss Market Research Investments in Mobile Technology
by BWW News Desk - May 27, 2014

Krajicek (@dkrajicekgfk) will join leaders from TNS, Nielsen, and Cambiar to share insights on “Investments into (Mobile) MR – Where Are They Going and Why?” The panel discussion, taking place at 10:15AM at Chicago's Congress Plaza Hotel and Convention Center, will be moderated by Dan Quirk of Quirk's Marketing Research Media. (more...)

Q1 '14 LTE Subscriber Market & LTE Profit Mantras 2014-2018 Forecast and Analyzed
by BWW News Desk - Mar 5, 2014

DALLAS, March 5, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ Current Development of the Global LTE Subscriber Market, 1Q 2014 report says Worldwide LTE Subscribers to Exceed 170 Million in 1Q 2014 as Top 3 Operators Account for 52% of Total Subscribers. (more...)

Japan Society Presents A TRIBUTE TO DONALD RICHIE (1924-2013), PART 2, Beg. Today
by Movies News Desk - Mar 13, 2014

This spring Japan Society continues to honor the late Donald Richie, whose criticism, commentary and advocacy contributed incomparably toward making Japanese art and culture, especially its cinema, revered throughout the world. As the second and final leg of the ongoing series, again curated by noted film scholar Kyoko Hirano, A Tribute to Donald Richie (1924-2013), Part 2: Richie's Electric Eight: The Bold & the Daring encompasses eight films that reflect the complexity, nuance, and brilliance of Japanese society, as seen through Richie's unflinching and insatiable eye. (more...)

BWW Previews: The London Stage, June 2014
by Carrie Dunn - Jun 2, 2014

June is the time when the theatre fan's eyes typically turn to Broadway, what with the glamour and excitement of the Tony Awards. So whatever's going on in the UK tends to fly under the radar a little. (more...)

Almost 600,000 Base Stations to be Upgraded to LTE-A by 2018, Says ABI Research
by BWW News Desk - Jul 31, 2013

Underpinning this rapid adoption is the upgrade of base stations to support LTE-A worldwide, which is increasing at a CAGR of ~200% between 2012 and 2018 to reach more than half-a-million strong. “It's about boosting capacity as data consumption soars,” said Ying Kang Tan, research associate. “Besides acquiring more spectrums, operators need to use the scarce resources more efficiently. Thus, despite all the clamor about a spectrum crunch, spectrum is one option—but not the only one—to enhance capacity. LTE-A provides part of the answer.” (more...)

Limelight 'State of the User Experience' Survey Finds Performance is Key to Positive Web Experience
by BWW News Desk - Jul 29, 2014

The report is based on a survey that collected data from 1,115 U.S. consumers between the ages of 18-54, who spend more than five hours a week online outside of work. (more...)

ACSI: Customer Satisfaction with E-Business Rebounds as Social Media, Search Engines and News Sites Improve
by BWW News Desk - Jul 22, 2014

“Even with improvements across the board, e-business – and social media in particular – doesn't do well in terms of user satisfaction,” says Claes Fornell, ACSI Chairman and founder. “It is rare to see strong growth in an industry with such low customer satisfaction. However, several of the major players seem to have realized that their long-term prospects may be in jeopardy unless they do better.” (more...)

Horizon Media Survey Finds Millennials Will Keep Soccer Fever Alive After World Cup
by BWW News Desk - Jul 22, 2014

NEW YORK, NY - Horizon Media, one of the largest and fastest growing media services agencies in the world, fielded its latest Finger on the Pulse Survey surrounding the 2014 FIFA World Cup, which has been viewed by a staggering 50% of U.S. consumers. While public opinion suggests that soccer will fade back into obscurity in the United States after the World Cup, survey results suggest that the sport has staying power, due largely in part to Millennials. (more...)

Shonda Rhimes Says SCANDAL Won't Make it to Season 8
by TV News Desk - Jul 19, 2014

Shonda Rhimes is the mastermind behind Scandal, as well as shows such as Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. And so, if you want to know what to expect for Scandal, Rhimes is the one to ask. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, she talked about her plans for the show; however, what she had to say may not be good news for fans. Rhimes already knows when the series will end and it's not going to be as long as fans hope. (more...)

'At the End of the Day' Reveals Humanity's Hunger For The Truth
by BWW News Desk - Jan 9, 2014

The road to enlightenment is filled with perils, some physical, while some more ethereal in nature. In truth such a journey takes a toll upon a person's soul and only the most determined seekers would be able to finish it. In 'At The End Of the Day' author Nagual writes about such a journey of self discovery. (more...)

Utilities Will Spend $65 Million on Gamified Applications in 2016 to Engage Consumers, According to IDC Energy Insights
by BWW News Desk - Jan 9, 2014

Gamification is a much vaunted strategy to engage and encourage audiences to undertake and adopt actions or behaviors that they may not get around to if left to their own devices. The new IDC Energy Insights study explores the potential for gamified applications in the energy sector by analyzing real-world pioneering and innovative gamification projects. It focuses on how gamification can be leveraged to engage consumers to realize energy efficiencies, improve peak response, build customer loyalty, and acquire new customers in energy competitive markets. Early indications for gamifying utilities and other energy players seem positive. (more...)

Seahawks 12th Man Flag Flies Highest in Times Square
by BWW News Desk - Jan 31, 2014

SEATTLE, Jan. 31, 2014 /PRNewswire/ New York is enemy territory for the Seahawks, but that isn't deterring Seattle area company Pixelfirefrom showing the famed 12th Man flag in the heart of NYC in Times Square on the 7 Times Square electronic billboard before the Big Game. (more...)

Tata Interactive Systems marks a year of significant achievements
by BWW News Desk - Jan 21, 2014

MUMBAI, India, Jan. 21, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ Tata Interactive Systems (TIS) - the pioneer and global leader of learning solutions has announced several significant achievements in 2013 and outlined key corporate objectives for 2014. Changing the way the world learns, TIS has always channelized instructional design theory into application-based robust product formats that offer superior learning experience. (more...)

BWW Interviews: In RUSALKA or RIGOLETTO, Piotr Beczala's a Tenor with Style
by Richard Sasanow - Feb 7, 2014

He was the dashing yet fickle prince in the Met's HD Live broadcast of Dvorak's RUSALKA and the womanizing Duke who concluded that “La donna e mobile” (“Woman is fickle”) in last year's “Ratpack” RIGOLETTO at the Met as well. Yet, Polish tenor Piotr Beczala is true-blue--to musical style. (more...)

New Car Transaction Prices in January Up 2.7 Percent Year-Over-Year, According to TrueCar
by BWW News Desk - Feb 3, 2014

TrueCar, the negotiation-free car buying platform, estimated today that the average transaction price (ATP) for light vehicles in the U.S. was $30,934 in January 2014, up $804 (2.7 percent) from January 2013 and down $422 (-1.3 percent) from December 2013. Average transaction prices continue to rise and are at the highest levels in the last five years. (more...)

Despite a Strong 2013, Worldwide Smartphone Growth Expected to Slow to Single Digits by 2017, According to IDC
by BWW News Desk - Feb 26, 2014

'In North America we see more than 200 million smartphones in active use, not to mention the number of feature phones still being used,' said Ryan Reith, Program Director with IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker. '2014 will be an enormous transition year for the smartphone market. Not only will growth decline more than ever before, but the driving forces behind smartphone adoption are changing. New markets for growth bring different rules to play by and 'premium' will not be a major factor in the regions driving overall market growth.' (more...)

Japan Society to Present A TRIBUTE TO DONALD RICHIE (1924-2013), PART 2, Beg. 3/13
by Movies News Desk - Feb 26, 2014

This spring Japan Society continues to honor the late Donald Richie, whose criticism, commentary and advocacy contributed incomparably toward making Japanese art and culture, especially its cinema, revered throughout the world. As the second and final leg of the ongoing series, again curated by noted film scholar Kyoko Hirano, A Tribute to Donald Richie (1924-2013), Part 2: Richie's Electric Eight: The Bold & the Daring encompasses eight films that reflect the complexity, nuance, and brilliance of Japanese society, as seen through Richie's unflinching and insatiable eye. (more...)

Android and iOS Continue to Dominate the Worldwide Smartphone Market with Android Shipments Just Shy of 800 Million in 2013, According to IDC
by BWW News Desk - Feb 12, 2014

'Clearly, there was strong end-user demand for both Android and iOS products during the quarter and the year,' says Ramon Llamas, Research Manager with IDC's Mobile Phone team. 'What stands out are the different routes Android and Apple took to meet this demand. Android relied on its long list of OEM partners, a broad and deep collection of devices, and price points that appealed to nearly every market segment. Apple's iOS, on the other hand, relied on nearly the opposite approach: a limited selection of Apple-only devices, whose prices trended higher than most. Despite these differences, both platforms found a warm reception to their respective user experiences and selection of mobile applications.' (more...)

Steve Wynn to Host SPIDER-MAN in Las Vegas?
by BWW News Desk - Dec 12, 2013

As BroadwayWorld previously reported, Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark, the Broadway spectacular that defied odds and expectations to conquer New York, is moving to Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world. After more than three historic years on Broadway, the show play its final performance at the Foxwoods Theatre on January 4, 2014. Now according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Casino executive Steve Wynn is currently in meetings to host the production. (more...)

Apple Cedes Market Share in Smartphone Operating System Market as Android Surges and Windows Phone Gains, According to IDC
by BWW News Desk - Aug 7, 2013

Despite beating Wall Street expectations in terms of shipment volumes, Apple's share in the worldwide smartphone operating system market posted a year-over-year decline during the second quarter of 2013 (2Q13). Meanwhile, Android and Windows Phone both managed slight increases during the same period. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, vendors shipped a total of 236.4 million smartphones in 2Q13, up 51.3% from the 156.2 million units shipped in 2Q12. Second-quarter shipments grew 9.3% when compared to the 216.3 million units shipped in 1Q13. (more...)

EDINBURGH 2014 - BWW Reviews: THE PURE, THE DEAD AND THE BRILLIANT, Assembly Rooms, August 4 2014
by Amy Hanson - Aug 5, 2014

In the Scottish independence referendum debate, the No campaign famously published 500 questions they felt had not been answered about independence, causing a twitter backlash as those favouring Yes suggested more than a few facetious questions of their own. But there was one question neither side tried to raise - what would the consequences of independence be on the fairies and mythological creatures of Scotland? (more...)

Justin Timberlake Wants to Play The Riddler in Next BATMAN Film
by Movies News Desk - Aug 30, 2013

Now that Batman needs a villain Justin Timberlake would love to fill that role, according to USA Today . (more...)

Worldwide Smartphone Shipments Edge Past 300 Million Units in the Second Quarter; Android and iOS Devices Account for 96% of the Global Market, According to IDC
by BWW News Desk - Aug 14, 2014

The dominant smartphone operating systems (OS), Android and iOS, saw their combined market share swell to 96.4% for the quarter, leaving little space for competitors. Android was the primary driver with its vendor partners shipping a total of 255.3 million Android-based smartphones in 2Q14, up 33.3% year over year. Meanwhile, iOS saw its market share decline despite posting 12.7% year-over-year shipment growth. While Android and iOS both realized gains from a year ago, the rest of the market recorded losses. (more...)

SNL Financial Ranks the Top 20 European Banks by Market Capitalization
by BWW News Desk - Aug 11, 2014

HSBC Holdings Plc and Banco Santander SA held on to their top positions in SNL Financial's new league table of Europe's 20 largest banks by market capitalization. (more...)

Worldwide Smartphone Market Grows 30.2% Year Over Year in the First Quarter of 2014, According to IDC
by BWW News Desk - Apr 30, 2014

In the worldwide mobile phone market (inclusive of smartphones), vendors shipped 454.9 million units, up 5.3% from the 431.8 million units shipped 1Q13 but down -7.7% from the 492.8 million units shipped in 4Q13. This is 0.8% higher than the 451.3 million units IDC had forecast for the quarter. Smartphones accounted for 62.6% of all mobile phone shipments in 1Q14, up from the 50.7% of all mobile phone shipments in 1Q13. (more...)

BWW Blog: Live Television Musicals for South African TV?
by David Fick - Apr 30, 2014

Four options for the four public access TV stations in South Africa. A great way to smarten up local television, don't you think? (more...)

BWW Features: OUT LOUD Takes to the Road in 'Massive' Undertaking
by David De Almo - Apr 3, 2014

OUT LOUD's Kira Hawkridge is young for an artistic director - younger even than the slew of still comparatively young AD's elsewhere in the state. Separating her further from those other groups, like it or not, is her gender. There are very few female AD's in this market, but Hawkridge isn't one to let age or gender slow her down -- or box her in. (more...)

Indutrade AB: Interim Report 1 January-31 March 2014
by BWW News Desk - Apr 28, 2014

Indutrade AB (STO:INDTB): (more...)

BWW Interviews: Old Opera House to Present Neil Simon's THE DINNER PARTY
by Johnna Leary - Apr 23, 2014

Don't have any dinner plans this weekend? Come to the Old Opera House in Charles Town, WV, for an evening of theater featuring an unusual play by a well-known American playwright. The Dinner Party, written by Neil Simon and directed by Glenn Frail, opens this weekend at the Old Opera House. Though the theater company has previously produced Neil Simon productions, this show is a bit unique. (more...)

TechTarget Launches as an Independent Resource for Enterprise IT Professionals Who Are Considering Amazon Web Services
by BWW News Desk - Apr 22, 2014

This new site launch is in response to a rapid increase in consideration among its Enterprise audience of public cloud services from AWS. Over the last 6 months, there has been a 5x increase in traffic from users looking to make decisions around AWS on TechTarget's flagship cloud site, Furthermore, based on project intelligence data from TechTarget's IT Deal Alert service, 50% of users looking for public cloud solutions are considering AWS for their cloud deployments. (more...)

The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Netflix, Amazon, Comcast, WellPoint and Aetna
by BWW News Desk - Apr 22, 2014


BWW Reports: San Diego Opera Continues Its Battle for Survival
by Erica Miner - Apr 22, 2014

On Thursday, April 17, controversy over the closure of San Diego Opera took a startling turn at a Town Hall meeting with the theme, 'San Diego Opera Moves Forward: Alternative models of Opera in America.' (more...)

Facebook Marketing Startup 22Social Gives Users Websites
by BWW News Desk - Apr 21, 2014

22Social, a San Diego social media marketing company, has just launched a solution to a common dilemma many tech-unsavvy small business owners run into: "How In The World Do I Make A Great Website (*breathe* 2 second pause) For Free Or Very Cheap?" (more...)

BWW Reviews: You'll Be Crazy in Love With MARIEANN MERINGOLO'S New Monthly Show at the Metropolitan Room
by Stephen Hanks - Apr 15, 2014

As a young veteran of the New York cabaret scene and someone who rests comfortably in that performer's purgatory between celebrity and what the folks at the Manhattan Association of Cabarets and Clubs (MAC) calls “Major Artist,” Marieann Meringolo certainly doesn't need validation from a Stevie-come-lately reviewer like me. But nobody bats 1.000—in baseball, life, or cabaret—and, frankly, I didn't cheer in print for her slightly pretentious 2013 show Orchestrated, which seemed to feature a band big enough to bust through the far wall of the Metropolitan Room and arrangements that were more than a tad overblown. But in 2011, I loved her annual holiday show, In The Spirit, and had heard nothing but great things about her 2012 tribute to the music of Michael Legrand, so I was willing to consider Orchestrated a mere hiccup—depending on what she came up with next. Well, next arrived on the afternoon of Saturday, April 5 afternoon with Meringolo's new show, Crazy Love, at the Metropolitan Room. (more...)

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