2013 Countdown of the Best Theatre in San Diego!

At the end of every year you see the countdowns listing the best of 2013. So before you say your final "cheers" to 2013, here is what I think were the best shows (in no particular order) that I had the pleasure of seeing in San Diego this year!


The Old Globe Theatre


This production, put on to celebrate the plays 100th Anniversary, featured Robert Sean Leonard in the role of Professor Henry Higgins. With Charlotte Parry as his more than worth pupil, Eliza Doolittle, this classic play was as charming And full of wit as it was when it premiered. And no one in the audience will ever forget where it rains in the plains!


The Cygnet Theatre


Unlikely as it may seem, a show about assassins, which is set to music can be a pretty amazing piece of theatre. This show brought all of the dark humor, musicality, and the pathetic pathos this piece deserves. With strong performances by Braxton Molinaro as Booth, Geno Carr as Charles Guiteau, and Melinda Gilb as Sarah Jane Moore, this show was one that was both humorous and poignant.


Broadway San Diego


This beautifully sung and visually stunning version of EVITA brings a more subtle title character played by Caroline Bowman, a fantastic everyman version of Che by Josh Young, and a distinctive period feel supported by great lights, sets, and choreography.


La Jolla Playhouse


This dark comedy about friendship, finding yourself, and drinking copious amounts of wine was a hilarious stage adaption of the movie of the same name and directed by Des McAnuff. This is a bit of a coming of age story as buddies Miles and Jack try to figure out their place in this world and who they want to spend it with, and more importantly, what wine to drink along the way.


The Cygnet Theatre


This social comedy that was described best as Oscar Wilde's "trivial comedy for serious people" was brought to hilarious life by this ensemble. The pace of the show never lost its swift pace, the dialogue sparkled, and there was not a weak link in the cast.


San Diego Repertory Theatre


This play within a play explores the power of a director over an actor, and man versus woman in this S&M fantasy comedy. Jeffrey Meek and Caroline Kinsolving were fabulous adversaries as they circled each other with chemistry that leaps off the stage and brings the audience back straight into the middle of their whip smart battle of the sexes.


The Segerstrom Center


As fizzy as a glass of champagne, this bright and bubbly show told the story of Frank Abagnale Jr. who promised that his life "had more curves than a Playboy Bunny." Created by much of the team that gave us the long-running Broadway hit "Hairspray" - including the songwriters Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman, choreographer Jerry Mitchell, and the director Jack O'Brien, this show has a similar happy feel and made you want to dance and cheer, even if you were cheering for a con man.


San Diego Repertory Theatre


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