RED Theater Omaha to Present FELIZ NAVIRED, 12/21

RED Theater Omaha to Present FELIZ NAVIRED, 12/21

Tis the season to be entertained! Maybe you've got on your jolly pants this holiday season, and have been spreading the cheer like peanut butter on a pancake. Or maybe the cold has got you wanting to take an axe to that yuletide log. Either way you should come let us brighten your evening with fun theatrical festivities: 30 new plays in 60 minutes.

Bancroft Street Market
10th & Bancroft
Saturday - December 21st
7:00pm show
$8 at the door

It is the mission of Red Theater to ask dangerous questions theatrically. We are inspired by American traditions like vaudeville, slam poetry, cinematic realism, and music videos.
Red Theater attracts true theater lovers and newbies alike while boldly tackling the evolution of all aspects of today's "theatrical" experience right down to it's very definition.

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