Works by Tommy Smith, Melissa Ross, Frank Pugliese & More Set for Labyrinth's 15th Annual Barn Series

Works by Tommy Smith, Melissa Ross, Frank Pugliese & More Set for Labyrinth's 15th Annual Barn Series

LAByrinth Theater Company, the award-winning, downtown ensemble, has announced their next lineup of free play readings for the 15th Annual Barn Series, to be held at the Bank Street Theater in Manhattan's West Village (155 Bank Street) from February 24th through March 9th.

"The Barn Series is a long tradition here at Labyrinth, providing artists the opportunity to share their work, take risks, and celebrate the spirit of works in progress with audiences. We are excited this year to present new work by nine diverse playwrights, each with a distinct and important voice in American Theater," says Artistic Director Mimi O'Donnell.

Labyrinth Company Members Stephen Belber, Lyle Kessler, Melissa Ross, and Ben Snyder, as well as John Kolvenbach, Frank Pugliese, , Levy Lee Simon, Tommy Smith, and Ari Issler will all present new work as a part of Labyrinth's unique play development process.

Free, and open to the public, the Barn Series provides Labyrinth playwrights the vital opportunity to hear their latest works out loud and in front of an audience while still being deeply engaged in the delicate process of shaping and refining these dynamic new plays.

Tickets will be available beginning at 6pm the day of the reading only, all performances are at 8pm. Tickets are released on first-come, first-served basis; there are no advanced ticket reservations (except for Labyrinth's Labpass holders).


Air Conditioning
By Tommy Smith

A poor couple is invited over to a rich couple's house for dinner. Through the course of the evening, the poor couple experiences a series of humiliations at the hands of the rich couple. The poor couple enacts revenge.
Tuesday, February 25 - 8:00 PM

Two one-act plays presented in one evening.
By Lyle Kessler

A cautionary tale of the loss of innocence.
Thursday, February 27 - 8:00 PM

By Lyle Kessler

A Jersey Fable. A comedic struggle between a man and a very unusual lady.
Thursday, February 27 - 8:00 PM

Bank Job
By John Kolvenbach

A doctor and his brother rob a bank. A comedy.
Friday, February 28 - 8:00 PM

Do Something Pretty
By Melissa Ross

Summer of 1992. On a hot August night in a small Massachusetts town. The last few weeks before school starts. Three teens try to navigate their way through the murky path to adulthood. Phoebe wants to grow up. Jason wants Evie. And Evie just wants to get as far away from everyone as she possibly can.
Monday, March 3 - 8:00 PM

Shut Up When You Talk To Me
By Stephen Belber

When Luke's old friend mac shows up, things with Luke, his wife Emma and his son Gifford quite possibly change forever. A play about friendship, loyalty, paying attention, moving on.
Thursday, March 6 - 8:00 PM

By Ben Snyder and Ari Issler

Seymour Rubin, a tough old Jew, owns an automobile salvage yard. The yard is his life. But Seymour's business is failing. As he alienates his family, attacks his only friend, and loses the very yard he loves, we follow Seymour on an unlikely journey to salvation.
Friday, March 7 - 8:00 PM

My Tooth
By Frank Pugliese

After Cristina's sixties radical/jazz teacher father dies, her sister puts on a head scarf, her white mother starts drinking wine, and she moves to New York. Where she gets a tooth ache, that never gets better... as she starts to realize that the Ivy League coasting along boyfriend she moves in with, might be more interested in what they look like together, than who they are.
Saturday, March 8 - 8:00 PM

The Last Revolutionary
By Levy Lee Simon

Mac Perkins a former member of the Black Grenadiers Liberation Party is preparing to protect President Obama and stop anti Obama sentiment. But an old friend, Jack Armstrong shows up and attempts to make Mac see that his methods are archaic. During their interchange secrets are exposed personally and politically that lead to a life and death confrontation.
Sunday, March 9 - 8:00 PM

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