THE ACCIDENTAL PERVERT Ends Extended Off-Broadway Run Today

THE ACCIDENTAL PERVERT Ends Extended Off-Broadway Run Today

The Accidental Pervert - the hilarious, autobiographical no-holds-barred play about one man's obsessive love of pornography closes its off-Broadway run after extending for an incredible eighth time through today, December 7th, 2013.

Currently in its 4th year Off-Broadway at the 13th Street Repertory Theatre and nearing its 500th performance, The Accidental Pervert tells the hilarious story of an 11-year-old boy who finds his Dad's adult video collection. This riotous narrative takes the audience on a real-life adventure through one boy's distorted views of sex and love, until he meets his wife and ultimately becomes a father himself.

At the very top of his one-man-theatrical-circus-of-full-disclosure, author/star Andrew Goffman offers the evening's warning bell in the form of an alarmingly candid disclosure: "Ya know, none of us starts out to be a pervert." The evening picks up speed from there.

"THE ACCIDENTAL PERVERT" is the true accounting of one boy's odyssey to manhood via a childhood dominated by pornography, an addiction accumulated after the boy happens upon his father's collection of XXX-Rated video tapes in a bedroom closet, just to the right of his golf clubs, above the cowboy boots, behind the sweatshirts, all the way up in the top left hand corner. Andrew Goffman takes his audience on a hilarious and self-deprecating journey into a world of video vixens, X-Rated fantasies, and really DIRTY movies with no redeeming value whatsoever. He found the tapes at 11. The addiction controlled him until he was 26. THE YEAR HE MET HIS WIFE.
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