New Sandman Musical in Theme Park Efteling

April 22
7:40 AM 2013

New Sandman Musical in Theme Park Efteling

Theme park "De Efteling", the largest theme park in the Netherlands, announced a new musical to be performed in the Efteling theatre: KLAAS VAAK (Sandman).

Sandman is the well-known character introduced by Hans Christian Andersen, who uses magical sand to bring sleep and dreams to children. He is also the theme character of the holiday park adjacent to the Efteling theme park.

The new fairytale musical will feature a book by Allard Blom. A composer has not yet been named. The story will center on Sandman discovering his magical sand is losing its power to bring sleep and setting out on a journey to find out why. This quest involves a witch and mysterious black sand. The show will have a cast of 17, which includes children.

The 1048-seats Efteling Theatre has housed musicals before, including THE SOUND OF MUSIC, ANNIE and KRUIMELTJE. The theme park collaborated with various musical producers to bring these titles to life but according to insiders none of these collaborations worked well. The new Sandman musical will be produced solely by the Efteling organisation.

KLAAS VAAK will have previews from September 11th and open on September 22nd. The musical will run through the 9th of March 2014.

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