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Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 Paul Blart Mall Cop 2
Started By: rosscoe(au)
95774/19/15 6:31pm
Gays:  Watch your ass!!Gays: Watch your ass!!
Started By: Borstalboy
45994/19/15 5:43pm
Started By: Younger Brother
53934/19/15 5:03pm
METS 2015METS 2015
Started By: Jane2
231,1284/19/15 4:26pm
Texas Vet Kills Cat With Bow and ArrowTexas Vet Kills Cat With Bow and Arrow
Started By: Borstalboy
83184/19/15 4:19pm
RuPaul's Drag Race - Season 7RuPaul's Drag Race - Season 7
Started By: Jordan Catalano
23059,4924/19/15 3:20pm
South Florida
Giorgio Moroder's new songGiorgio Moroder's new song
Started By: FindingNamo
4911,2264/19/15 3:09pm
Jay Lerner-Z
Roisin Murphy new LPRoisin Murphy new LP
Started By: Jay Lerner-Z
193,9314/19/15 1:31pm
Child 44Child 44
Started By: rosscoe(au)
11884/19/15 11:41am
Mr Roxy
Deneuve x 8 begins this weekend at IFCDeneuve x 8 begins this weekend at IFC
Started By: WhizzerMarvin TrinaJasonMendel
65684/19/15 6:49am
Who is in Los Angeles?Who is in Los Angeles?
Started By: ~FloweryFriend~
132,3604/18/15 6:30pm
Someone in a Tree2
Bates Motel Return DateBates Motel Return Date
Started By: Mr Roxy
6012,0784/18/15 6:20pm
Mr Roxy
Philadelphia Gay Bashing Update--Daughter of Police Chief Arrested!Philadelphia Gay Bashing Update--Daughter of Police Chief Arrested!
Started By: PalJoey
7626,2874/18/15 4:47pm
Can The Adults Please Smoke? 38 and FEELING GREAT!!Can The Adults Please Smoke? 38 and FEELING GREAT!!
Started By: bdwaygirl
652,5784/18/15 4:02pm
Jonathan Crombie has passed awayJonathan Crombie has passed away
Started By: kec
26874/18/15 3:47pm
Hillary Clinton officially launching her presidential run on SundayHillary Clinton officially launching her presidential run on Sunday
Started By: adamgreer
24317,2714/18/15 3:39pm
Does Anyone Else Watch COMMUNITY?Does Anyone Else Watch COMMUNITY?
Started By: Jordan Catalano
7411,379,2324/18/15 1:17am
Phyllis Rogers Stone
Signorile:  It's time for us to be intolerantSignorile: It's time for us to be intolerant
Started By: Phyllis Rogers Stone
48014/17/15 11:57pm
When Disney Was ScaryWhen Disney Was Scary
Started By: Borstalboy
26274/17/15 9:22pm
Star Wars:The Force Awakens Teaser TrailerStar Wars:The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer
Started By: ShakinBaconGirl
486,1594/17/15 5:20pm
Has anyone been to a taping of The View?Has anyone been to a taping of The View?
Started By: n2nbaby
172,5214/17/15 4:06pm
Started By: Borstalboy
109644/17/15 3:39pm
Can The Adults Please Smoke? 37 and Looking Damn Fine.....Can The Adults Please Smoke? 37 and Looking Damn Fine.....
Started By: MotorTink
5,005778,4214/17/15 11:22am
the championships will be held outsidthe championships will be held outsid
Started By: manovskako
54934/16/15 10:19pm
Patrick Hernandez-Born To Be AlivePatrick Hernandez-Born To Be Alive
Started By: Borstalboy
03044/16/15 9:21pm
Farewell and godspeed, David LettermanFarewell and godspeed, David Letterman
Started By: FindingNamo
292,5304/16/15 8:33pm
Sen. Jason Smalley (R-OK) thinks businesses should be allowed to discriminateSen. Jason Smalley (R-OK) thinks businesses should be allowed to discriminate
Started By: tazber
24994/16/15 12:09pm
Liza's Headband
Dennis Quaid Got Mad. Dennis Quaid Got Mad.
Started By: Jordan Catalano
101,5234/15/15 5:36pm
 through the zagging bar through the zagging bar
Started By: manovskako
95644/15/15 5:09pm
Spike TV's Lip Sync BattleSpike TV's Lip Sync Battle
Started By: EricMontreal22
67214/15/15 5:01pm
Going ClearGoing Clear
Started By: Kad
619,2314/15/15 1:49pm
MAD MEN - The Final 7MAD MEN - The Final 7
Started By: CarlosAlberto
233,4384/15/15 10:50am
Every Sunday she attended Every Sunday she attended
Started By: navipuria7
69634/14/15 10:11pm
Anti-Condom Message For Christian Kids Anti-Condom Message For Christian Kids
Started By: romantico
1211,5534/14/15 7:20pm
"Serial" podcast
Started By: themysteriousgrowl
3719,9504/14/15 7:14pm
Possible and probable GOP primary could be funPossible and probable GOP primary could be fun
Started By: South Florida
11723,6494/14/15 6:37pm
Jungle Red
Everything I Know I Learned From MusicalsEverything I Know I Learned From Musicals
Started By: FindingNamo
191,6634/14/15 4:55pm
It's the last midnight, so goodbye all.It's the last midnight, so goodbye all.
Started By: beautywickedlover
182,3634/14/15 3:38pm
Update: yesterday's college campus killing in Goldsboro, NC being investigated as hate crimeUpdate: yesterday's college campus killing in Goldsboro, NC being investigated as hate crime
Started By: javero
15174/14/15 2:32pm
Started By: taboo123
65177,8424/14/15 1:49pm
Penny DreadfulPenny Dreadful
Started By: taboo123
93,3544/14/15 11:42am
Deval Patrick Becomes RepublicanDeval Patrick Becomes Republican
Started By: Gothampc
06184/14/15 11:30am
New Music News That Isn't About MadonnaNew Music News That Isn't About Madonna
Started By: ArtMan
112,1754/14/15 6:59am
This is a very odd description This is a very odd description
Started By: Annetteiago
06824/13/15 10:28pm
Joss Whedon thinks the new Jurassic World clip is sexistJoss Whedon thinks the new Jurassic World clip is sexist
Started By: Borstalboy
172,7574/13/15 10:07pm
FAA approves Amazon's test of delivery dronesFAA approves Amazon's test of delivery drones
Started By: javero
06694/13/15 8:48pm
Google is now bigger than Exxon MobilGoogle is now bigger than Exxon Mobil
Started By: javero
05404/13/15 8:15pm
Once ( upon a time )Once ( upon a time )
Started By: rosscoe(au)
1,1721,688,6814/13/15 6:02pm
Liza's Headband
The Message Boards MakeoverThe Message Boards Makeover
Started By: javero
162,9714/13/15 5:33pm
Jay Lerner-Z
cool to walk into has been acool to walk into has been a
Started By: qadirbinteaouu
05904/13/15 4:57pm

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