Hideo Sawada Elected Chariman of Tokyo Symphony

August 6
10:30 AM 2012
Hideo Sawada Elected Chariman of Tokyo Symphony

Hideo Sawada was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of The Tokyo Symphony Orchestra at a meeting of the organization's Board of Directors on June 8, 2012. He will assume the chairmanship on September 1, 2012, succeeding Tadashi Yokokawa, who has held the post since April 1988.

"I would like to express my deep gratitude for everyone's support," said Mr. Yokokawa. "Mr. Sawada is renowned as an innovative person and I believe that he is the right man for the job of leading the orchestra to the next step. I will hand over my duties to him with much hope for the orchestra's success."

"Tokyo Symphony has a rich history, celebrating its sixty-sixth anniversary this year," said Mr. Sawada. "My new challenge is to join the orchestra's management. I believe that cultural exchange is the most powerful engine for advancing peace in the world. That is why I started a travel company for the sake of the young generation which has a keen sensibility. I would like to begin by placing the orchestra on a sound financial footing. Then I would like to propose a new style of classical concert from preconceived ideas and aim to raise the orchestra to the world class level."

"Music has evolved through the smashing of conventional notions by innovative people," said Tokyo Symphony Managing Director Junji Ohno. "Mr. Sawada established a very creative business model in the travel industry. With his extensive experience and his passion for culture, I have enormous confidence in the leadership that he will bring to this great institution."

Hideo Sawada, who was elected to the Board of the Tokyo Symphony on June 8, 2012, currently serves as Chairman, H.I.S. Co., Ltd., a leading travel company offering low-fare flights; President of Huis Ten Bosch Co, Ltd.; Chairman, HTB Cruise Co., Ltd.; President, Sawada Holdings Co., Ltd.; Chairman, H.S. Securities Co. Ltd.; and Chairman, Khan Bank in Mongolia.

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