Alhambra's THE WIZARD OF OZ to Raise Funds for Community PedsCare Program

April 19
1:43 PM 2012


Today in a meeting with staff, Alhambra managing partner Craig Smith announced that the entire run of the summer show, Wizard of Oz, will be a fundraiser for the Community PedsCare Program of Community Hospice of Northeast Florida.  The fundraiser will take many forms:  Upon purchasing tickets, patrons will be invited to contribute $1 - $5 to the charity.  

On June 5, in a unique promotion, Community Hospice VIPs’ (and those who would like to become one) are invited to attend the final dress rehearsal – a treat normally only offered to friends and family of the cast as a way for the cast to prepare for a live audience.  The money raised will pay for tickets for the families that utilize Community Hospice’s services to attend the show at a later date.  

Part of the proceeds from all funds raised will be donated to very specific branch of the Pediatric Care program, the Kelsi Young Gift of Care.  Named after Kelsi Leah Youg, the Kelsi Young Gift of Care provides respite care to the families in the Community PedsCare program.

For the first time in its 45-year history, the Alhambra Theatre & Dining, the nation’s longest running professional dinner theater, invited its fans to vote on its summer show.  Via Facebook, its website and on ballots at the venue, from February 1 through March 1 nearly 6,000 votes were cast among three shows, The Wizard of Oz, Once Upon a Mattress and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

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