Stage One English Theater Festival to be Held in Jerusalem, 4/8-4/10

Stage-One-English-Theater-Festival-to-be-Held-in-Jerusalem-48-410-20010101Beit Avi Chai, submitted by Rapahael Poch, will be hosting the Stage One English Theater Festival in Jerusalem for the third year in a row. 

The Festival spotlights the sub-culture of Israel's English langugage theater groups. For three days during Passover 2012, we will showcase the finest local and non-local English language drama and music ensembles.

This year the festival will run from April 8th - 10th. It will include 10 theatrical performances from all over Israel as well as the Winnipeg Jewish Theater. The festival also hosts Israel's leading English improv troupe "HaHafuch", and a variety of music performances including the Youtube sensation Ein Perat Fountainheads.

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