Redmoon Presents NEW YEAR'S EVE: REVOLUTION Tonight

To ring in the New Year, Chicago's Spectacle company, Redmoon, introduces New Year's Eve: Revolution, a festive evening of relentless elegance and wild imagination filled with Redmoon's unexpected interpretation of the classic New Year's Eve celebration. New Year's Eve: Revolution, directed by Alex Balestrieri and Joe Burgum, with Will Bishop and Producing Artistic Director Frank Maugeri, takes place at the company's Pilsen home at 2120 S. Jefferson Street, tonight, December 31 (New Year's Eve) beginning at 9 pm.

Signature Redmoon moments of spectacle, ceremony and ritual govern the Revolution festivities as Redmoon transforms its warehouse home into an illuminated party space filled with lavishly costumed performers, bizarre bubble contraptions and reclaimed remnants of an abandoned Chicago church - all infused by the lush presence of the natural world (patches of green grass, earth and brightly colored florals).

The sensuality of dessert and wine are at the center of this evening of celebration. Artisanal sweets are provided by Katherine Ann Confections, designing exclusive truffles just for this Redmoon event. Redmoon "Truffle Servers" suspend silver trays from massive hot air balloons that glide above patrons' heads - a literal "desert flight." Redmoon's unique "Table Ladies" also add to the whimsical way desserts are shared throughout the evening. Aerial Dance Chicago provides a series of awe-inspiring acrobatic chocolate services from Redmoon's 40-foot high ceilings.

A selection of red, white and sparkling wines are provided throughout the evening exclusively by Chicago's Vin Divino, available at eight stationary bars throughout the enormous space as well as from Redmoon's signature "Wine Bikes" peddling through the crowd, pouring glass after glass for attendees. Bubbly is the featured beverage of "The Champagne Chandelier," a six foot-by-six foot chandelier dressed with real bottles and glassware, hanging from a giant mobile suspension ladder. A stunning silk-suspended acrobat descends from its center, pouring delicate glasses of sparkling wine above the heads of eager guests. Craft Beer provided by Lagunitas Brewing Company is also on tap via a new Redmoon invention, "The Kegway," a combination keg and Segway beer service contraption, and amazing cocktails provided by Cask & Courtesy. A full bar is also included in the ticket price.

The evening includes a raucous and percussive Redmoon-style "Midnight Moment" to usher in 2014.

Pre-midnight music is provided by the sexy and soulful eight-piece Chicago band The O'My's. Post-midnight, the music shifts to DJ-driven dance beats courtesy of Redmoon's massive "Sonic Boom" DJ device.

Other Spectacle elements throughout the evening include:

· The "Mobile DJ Unit," a classic car-meets-DJ-deck, twists and winds throughout the space spinning tunes and leaving fields of delicate bubbles in its wake.

· Redmoon's full arsenal of Creative Food and Beverage Service Devices, including "Napkin Ladies," "Stilted Sweets Servers," "Floating Trays," "The Teapot Libation Machine" and more.

"The aesthetic desire for Revolution is to create a kind of floating dreamscape, full of electricity, with much of the action, entertainment and service living elevated in our towering and cavernous new home in Pilsen - a surreal, delightful and surprising interactive environment charged with traces of ritual and ceremony that challenge the core of the ordinary (now tired) New Year's Eve party," said Balestrieri. "For me, the moments of spectacle, the signature service contraptions and a wild and unforgettable 'Midnight Moment' all serve to encourage us to challenge our expectations for the new year and to meet January 1st with renewed creativity, gratitude for the gift of being alive, and an increased expectation that good fortune rather than bad will find us all in 2014."

General admission tickets are $100 and include five hours (9 pm - 2 am) of open bar and sweets service.

The ticket also includes a free shuttle service during Revolution provided by Chicago Classic Coach, running from 9 pm onward between Redmoon and 77 W. Wacker Drive downtown.

Access to one of three Lounge Areas is available through VIP tickets, a limited number of which are available at $150 each. The Lounge Areas, each accommodating up to 24 guests, include exclusive seating, a private bar and bartender, and additional cheese and hors d'oeurve options.

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