X FACTOR RECAP: The Singers Hit 'Boot Camp!'


It's boot camp this week on The X Factor - so whether you missed the show or just want to re-live the drama, read on for a full recap of tonight's episode!

The show is mercifully down to one hour tonight from its usual two-hour time slot in order to make room for the presidential debate. I mean, one of those things is clearly much more important than the other, right? And if you said the debate, you're just not enough of an X Factor fan. So for all of the fans who wish the show was still two hours, they stretch the intro into what feels like days of footage of the contestants bidding their families goodbye before boot camp (which, by the way, is kind of a ridiculous name for any segment in a singing competition). In the interest of full disclosure I have to admit that I didn't watch the show last year - so for all I know, it could very well be a legit boot camp, but somehow I doubt it.

They gather all of the contestants on stage and make them sing a song in front of everybodyX FACTOR RECAP: The Singers Hit 'Boot Camp!' else - for, I don't know, intimidation purposes? So that we can see how catty everybody is when somebody else is singing? Whatever the reason, Diamond White, the 13-year-old with an old voice, gets a little bit of rough start to "I Have Nothing," but the key here is that she's thirteen. Jessica Espinoza, 22, underwhelms the judges. Sister C, the country group, gets the stink eye from Britney, and 26-year-old David Correy gets approving nods.

Overbearing voice teacher Tara Simon is back with a leopard print dress and super shiny rhinestone belt. She chooses Queen's "Somebody to Love," taking the literal approach (starting with falling dramatically to her knees when she says she gets down on her knees). Willie Jones, the 17-year-old country crooner with the 90s look, does well, Jannel Garcia, 18.


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