VOICE OVER: Singers Enter the Live Playoffs, AKA: 'Serious Olympics'

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Team Adam's Bryan Keith, son of a Grammy-winner, sang "Iris." Adam was very proud of this guy, saying, "He's playing so much to his strength with this song. He has a very high register; that's very amazing." He sounded amazing, but very like the original. Let's just say, the audience enjoyed this performance so much, that the first coach to critique (Blake) couldn't even talk because these fans were screaming so much. As always, Adam's immense praise was very simplistic, "I had to do very little as your coach. The way you perform is so inviting; it's impossible to teach someone to be that way. It's effortless. Those low notes were hard. That wasn't perfect, but it doesn't matter, because the soul was just locked into this crowd."

Known for her crazy awesome Mohawk hairstyle, 16-year-old Michaela Paige of Team Blake is the youngest performer on this show. She sang the Neon Trees favorite, "Everybody Talks." Blake encouraged her, "This is back to you just being who you are. Your age doesn't matter. You're as good as any of these other people on this show." As so many tonight who performed before her, this was a great song choice. Overall, she kept it pretty under control, while clearly having a blast and being herself in every way from outfit to performance.  The coaches said it was the best performance of the night so far. Adam told her, "You really surprised me today. This is the best performance you've done on the show. The attitude you displayed- you had the best performance at the most important time." The fans in the audience clearly thought so too.

Julio Cesar Castello of Team Blake sang a Spanish song, "El Re." "He still wants people to know who he is as an artist, and where he comes from," Blake explained. He further advised this Spanish singer that he was performing for an English-speaking audience, "Most people who are gonna be watching this and voting have no idea that this is about heartache. Think about the saddest thing that's happened to you. You gotta figure out how to still make a connection." Christina particularly had lots of praise to heap on this guy, and Blake said he connected to the audience- despite the language barrier.

Adam straight up said, "Loren Allred has been the biggest surprise. She made it out of a battle round I wasn't sure she was gonna get out of." She affirmed what Adam said, "I've stayed under the radar, and this song has a lot of sass to it. I need to make dropping out of school worth it." Adam also reminded her to keep that un-safe, sultry vibe, with "All Around the World."  After another amazing performance from Loren, who really came totally out of nowhere last week, Adam simply said, "I loved this choice. It was an incredibly good job. When you got up high towards the end, I want to hear more. Next time, I want to hear more of that, because it's so good!"

The last singer of the night was the highly-anticipated Team Adam steal, Amanda Brown. "Amanda is a powerful singer, a powerful person. She's like me. She's so comfortable and confident," Adam said. "This is an iconic song. It'll probably be the most iconic classic rock song tonight. She's gonna have to show her prowess and her range." This girl is definitely crowd favorite material, what with her fun, quirky, adorable, but mostly just very real personality. Not to mention her incredible pipes. Tackling "Dream On," Amanda just knocked this out of the park. Adam had a great time, playing the air drums in his seat, smiling from ear to ear, eating it all up, and showing with everything he had that he was so proud of his girl. And the whole time, it was clear that everyone was thinking, "Ok, yeah she's great, but is she going to go for the ridiculously high falsetto 'dream on!' portion?" Absolutely she did. She not only attempted it, but, in a word, she killed it, receiving a standing ovation from her coach. Throughout the whole thing, it seemed like nothing could top Terry's "Don't Stop Believing," but sweet little Amanda did. She received vast amounts of applause and ridiculously loud cheering from the audience, now made up of die-hard Amanda Brown fans. Her coach told her, "I think if it wasn't already evident that this by far wasn't the best actual performance of the night- You totally obliterated any notion that you could only do one thing. You were a rock star in a rock band that sounded like it was the first time."

The Live Playoffs are where the show really gets interesting and more enjoyable. So here are my top five, or "Ginge's Favorites:" Amanda Brown, Terry MacDermott, Loren Allred, Cassadee Pope, and Michaela Paige. What do you think? Do you concur?

Tune in not Tuesday, but Wednesday at 8/7c on NBC, to see Team Christina and Team CeeLo's singers bring it. Then on Thursday, find out who gets passed through to next week!

 Visit to view the full list of Season 3 contestants (those eliminated and those still in the competition) plus their stories, videos, and more. You can download your favorites from tonight's performances at, or watch them on The Voice's YouTube channel: Keep up with The Voice through the week and during the show on Twitter: @NBCTheVoice, #TheVoice.

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