VIDEO: Cardinal Dolan Talks Gay Rights on CBS THIS MORNING


Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York, said that Pope Francis's recent comments on homosexuality may signal a "change in tone or emphasis" for the Catholic Church, in an interview that was broadcast today, July 30, 2013, on CBS THIS MORNING (7:00-9:00 AM) on the CBS Television Network.

"A person's identity, respect, the dignity and love that he or she deserves, does not depend on anything, not sexual orientation, how much money we've got, if we've got a green card or immigration papers, or a stock portfolio," Dolan told co-hosts Charlie Rose and Gayle King.

"Homosexuality is not a sin, homosexual acts are," Dolan explained. "Just like heterosexuality is not a sin, although heterosexual acts outside a marriage, life-long, life-giving marriage between a man and a woman, that would be sinful."

Dolan also weighed in the New York City mayoral race and Anthony Weiner's recent revelations about texting sexual messages to women outside of his marriage, saying that although he is new to the story, "I think redemption is always possible and always God's preference."


VIDEO: Cardinal Dolan Talks Gay Rights on CBS THIS MORNING

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