THE MAKEOVER, Feat. Julia Stiles, to Premiere 1/27 on ABC

For David Walton, "The Makeover" is about "dreaming big, and fulfilling your potential." Also interviewed on the Boston set, Walton describes his character, Elliot, as "schlepping barrels of beer to watering holes all over the Boston area. He loves his work, but we see a glimmer of ambition in him. Then along come Hannah and Colleen. They see potential in Elliot, and thanks to them he sees potential in himself."

Director John Gray (Ghost Whisperer, Empire) says for him the movie is about transformation, and adds, "It's not just Elliot's transformation from regular working-class guy to someone who's a little more lettered and cultured. It's also about Hannah's transformation. She discovers her humanity during this movie."

Gray is impressed with what Julia Stiles brings to the role of Hannah. "Julia has this great ability," he says, "to bring humanity and vulnerability and warmth to everything she does. She's certainly doing that with her 'Hannah.' I'm thrilled we got her for this movie."

John Gray is also a fan of David Walton's work in "The Makeover." "David's able to capture and project Elliot's natural intelligence," Gray says. "He also brings great warmth to Elliot's character, as well as vulnerability, and likeability. You just like this guy."

The teleplay for "The Makeover" is by C. Jay Cox (Sweet Home Alabama, Latter Days). Christopher Morgan (Common Law, Memphis Beat) is the producer; Brent Shields (A Smile as Big as the Moon, November Christmas) is the executive producer, for Hallmark Hall of Fame Productions, Inc.