SCRUBS Creator Bill Lawrence Reveals Plans for Broadway Musical Version!

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SCRUBS Creator Bill Lawrence Reveals Plans for Broadway Musical Version!

Back in September of 2012, BroadwayWorld reported that a Broadway adaptation of the long-running NBC comedy series SCRUBS was in development. Now, Entertainment Weekly has revealed a much better picture of what the production will look -- and sound -- like.

And don't worry, the sitcom's star Zach Braff, who will be appearing on Broadway soon in BULLETS OVER BROADWAY "will be involved creatively because he's a theater lover like me," series creator Bill Lawrence told EW in an interview, "but part of the fun for us is that we would go with Broadway musical stars."

Talking about his inspirations for the project, Lawrence told the site: "One of the things we really cared about on the show was that we always incorporated not only pop music, but a lot of singing and songwriting, ranging from an a cappella group to a full-blown musical episode. We always had a big love for it. Randall Winston, who's part of my company here and produced Scrubs, was talking to a British theater group, and it turns out Scrubs is very, very big in the U.K. When Zach [Braff] went over there and did his play All New People, he'd come out at the end and there would be thousands of Scrubs fans. So then we really started taking seriously the idea of Scrubs as a musical. And the only reason I felt like we could entertain this idea is that it's not going on - it's going back."

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