Rooftop Films Presents Three-Day Documentary Weekend, Beg. Today

Rooftop Films Presents Three-Day Documentary Weekend, Beg. Today

Rooftop Films has programmed a unique three-day documentary experience. From Thursday June 19th to Saturday June 21st, these films will take you on a journey from the rainforests of the Pacific Northwest to the trailer parks of Ventura, California and the music-filled neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. We invite you to join us for THE LAST SEASON, GIUSEPPE MAKES A MOVIE, and LIVING STARS.

When: Tonight, June 19th - Saturday, June 21st


The Brooklyn Grange: 63 Flushing Avenue, Building #3, Brooklyn, NY 11205

The Old American Can Factory: 232 Third Street at Third Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Industry City: 220 36th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11232


June 19, 2014

THE LAST SEASON (Sara Dosa | 78 min.)
Pacific Pride Commercial Fueling, The Burger Deli, Chalet Restaurant - quiet, rural spots right off the highway are immediately juxtaposed with karaoke and the loading of a truck with highly sought after but rare matsutake mushrooms. It's September in the small rural town of Chemult, Oregon and a camp of over 200 seasonal workers - most of Southeast Asian descent - have started hunting for a prized fungus. Kouy, 46-year-old platoon leader of Cambodia's Khmer Freedom Fighters who battled the Khmer Rouge, is a seasoned veteran who learned foraging during his enslavement. Roger, a 75-year-old sniper with the US Special Forces in Vietnam, who acts as a father to Kouy, has less luck as his health starts to fail him. Traversing the land in search of the elusive fungi, the two search for underground networks of matsutake while they slowly unearth the roots of their unlikely friendship.

In her debut feature film, Sara Dosa balances these two men's intimate story while also engaging larger themes, including the correlation of past and present, and man's relationship to nature and location. Dosa probes the quiet moments which reveal a distinct sense of a shared past and geographic specificity that binds the characters. Archival footage of rebel fighters in Cambodia and American soldiers in Vietnam is seamlessly edited into vérité scenes of domesticity and work, along with gorgeous wide shots of mountains and rural landscapes. While initially a fly-on-the-wall approach, THE LAST SEASON's subjects gently draw Dosa into their relationship, as layers of friendship and life call out to be uncovered. Told over the course of one matsutake mushroom season, the documentary is a journey into the woods, into the memory of war and survival, telling a story of family from an unexpected place.

8:00PM Doors Open and reception sponsored by New Amsterdam Spirits and Bulleit Bourbon

8:30PM Live music

9:00PM Film Begins

10:45PM Q&A with director Sara Dosa

Venue: The Brooklyn Grange: 63 Flushing Avenue, Building #3, Brooklyn, NY 11205

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June 20, 2014

GIUSEPPE MAKES A MOVIE (Adam Rifkin | 83 min.)

An hour away from the outer edge of Los Angeles, in Ventura, California, lives Giuseppe Andrews, a former child actor who had roles in late 90's hits such as Independence Day, Never Been Kissed and Detroit Rock City. More than 10 years later, he has left behind the glitzy productions of his youth and is now fomenting a lo-fi artistic revolution within the local trailer park that he calls home. Giuseppe has knocked out 30 feature films to date with the help of his neighbors and countless homeless friends, creating vibrantly anarchic works that don't rely on big budgets, acting ability, snazzy graphics, or even proper continuity. For Giuseppe it's all about the vibe, and with his handwritten scripts, consumer video camera, and his aerodynamic spandex suit he's got "vibe" in spades.

As the title indicates, Giuseppe Makes A Movie documents Andrews' creative process as he shoots his latest feature film, Garbanzo Gas, over just two days. The premise: "Vietnam Ron, one of many homeless men in Ventura that Giuseppe has grown up with, plays a vegan cow on vacation from the slaughterhouse." What's revealed within this making-of documentary is an artist who blurs Hollywood and the underground-a filmmaker who reveres the form and couldn't care less about the technique.

To Giuseppe, every aspect of his movie-making is malleable and fluid, and he cares less about the cinematic outcome and more about the experience of creation and collaboration. His films may resemble the visceral early work of John Waters, Harmony Korine and George Kuchar, but his inspirations are from the intellectual work of Buñuel, Cassavetes and Fassbinder. Rooftop Films Filmmaker Fund Grant recipients Mike Plante and director Adam Rifkin capture a one-of-a-kind character in this stranger-than-fiction documentary. Their exploration of his bizarre creative universe conveys how one self-taught filmmaker can uncover unexpected humanism while fabricating an improvised family unit out of a lovable band of misfits.