RECAP: Life is But a 'Video Game' for the GIRLS

"You shouldn't have to!" Jessa yells. "I'm the child. I'm the child."

Her father leaves Petula, Frank, and presumably Jessa, for good. Jessa, much like him, also leaves Hannah in upstate New York. Given GIRLS' track record, this may be the last time we see her for awhile.

Now Hannah, with her "dagger-like" UTI, becomes the sad sack. She's forced to take the train back into the city alone, but not before she calls her parents, who don't believe she's actually grateful for their support. They hang up on her, and she's left to (painfully) urinate on the train tracks in The Middle of Bumble-No-One-Knows-Where.

So if that can happen, does anything really happen for a reason? In the Girls universe, only sometimes. Maybe our world's just someone's personal video game. Maybe Petula has it right. Maybe we're just someone's Sim family, wandering around until the almighty cursor catches the kitchen stove on fire or decides it's over us and makes a new family.

Photos Courtesy of HBO


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