NBC Confirms Plan for 2014 Live Musical with Craig Zadan and Neil Meron

NBC has announced that the magic of The Sound of Music Live! won't be a one-time event.

According to The New York Times, Robert Greenblatt, NBC's chairman of the entertainment division, has confirmed that the network will stage another live musical in 2014, with 'MUSIC' executive producers Neil Meron and Craig Zadan.

As of now, the trio are working on whittling down a list of potential productions. Greenblatt noted that the network was "circling a couple of titles" that featured "family-friendly Broadway classics with a lot of familiar songs."

"All weekend, people have been calling us and emailing us," Greenblatt told The Times. "Rights holders of musicals have said, 'Please do one of our shows.' We're excited to try it again."

Greenblatt also hinted that NBC staging a live musical may indeed become an annual event.

"There's enough to do a handful of these over the next years, if we keep increasing the learning curve," he said. "There may be a little bit of a phenomenon to the first one of these. Who knows what happens Year 2, 3 or 4. But you've got to have events. I think we could do this again - and again and again."

Greenblatt also said the network would set aside less time than the 18 months THE SOUND OF MUSIC took to bring to the soundstage on Dec. 5, claiming that "we know a lot about how to do it."

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