Michael Lohan Pleads to Ex-Wife on TRISHA GODDARD, 10/12



Trisha sits down with Michael Lohan as he pleads to his ex-wife Dina, in an open letter exclusively on Trisha Goddard airing Friday, October 12th (check local listings).

In the aftermath of Dina's erratic behavior on a national talk show and Lindsay?s recent legal troubles, Michael Lohan talks to Trisha about the family history and dynamics that contribute to his family turmoil.

In the open letter Michael wrote to Dina after her appearance on Dr. Phil, he says ?For the sake of our children, especially Lindsay, I?m asking you to stop. And I?m begging you to stop putting them in the middle and to put our differences aside please get some help.

When Trisha asks Michael what he'd like to say to Lindsay, Michael said, ?I?m always here for you, I love you I love your brothers and your sister. I don't think you should be put in the middle. I know how much pain you're in because you wanted us to be together some things have to change and that doesn't mean they have to change in an unhealthy way, they can happen in a healthy way and I want to make that happen with your Mom.

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