Justin Timberlake Confirms 20/20 EXPERIENCE Part 2

Pop superstar and modern music icon Justin Timberlake has officially confirmed that he will release a second volume to his just-released, long-in-the-making THE 20/20 EXPERIENCE later this year, according to a new Tweet.

Timberlake takes to iHeartRadio to write, ": I gotta clear a rumor up. This whole thing about this being the first half of the album is TRUE." "

#confirmed, indeed! So, what will the second half of the experience entail? We will have to wait until November to see, apparently!

Nevertheless, what wonderful news for fans of JT, old and new - and even those of us who just adore and/or appreciate adventurous new pop music arriving on the scene in a new way and having a big impact. If nothing else, all must agree THE 20/20 EXPERIENCE is certainly that - and, many would argue, a whole heck of a lot more, too.

A sequel-themed follow-up released within the same year as the first mega-hit album would stand well in line with the recently well-worn fashion exhibited by Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj and others with their expansive music projects.

"Suit & Tie", the first single from the Timbaland-produced album, featuring Jay-Z, which shot to #1 on iTunes in its first day, while the second single, "Mirrors", most recently released, currently stands at #12 (while "Suit & Tie" still stands strong at #3).

So, what will the next 20/20 single be? "Let The Groove Get In" seems like destiny for the airwaves to this listener, especially as Spring begins to blossom.

THE 20/20 EXPERIENCE, Timberlake's first album in seven years, is currently the #1 album on iTunes and sales are reportedly very strong, with insiders predicting a debut that could potentially see upwards of 700,000 copies sold by this time next week.

Also today a new rumor surfaced that rap mogul Jay-Z was among executive producers considering casting Timberlake in the new reimagined feature film adaptation of ANNIE, in the lead role of Daddy Warbucks. More information about that is available in BroadwayWorld's original story here.

THE 20/20 EXPERIENCE is available here. Rumors indicate the follow-up should be expected around November, at least if Roots drummer ?uestlove's Tweets here are to be believed.

Check out the original Tweet where JT confirms THE 20/20 EXPERIENCE Part 2 here.

What are your thoughts on JT's long-awaited return to modern music's centerstage?

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