HELOCK GROVE's Laurie Fortier Calls in for Special Interview on AfterBuzz TV

HELOCK GROVE's Laurie Fortier Calls in for Special Interview on AfterBuzz TV

On Wednesday, July 30th, Laurie Fortier called into the AfterBuzz TV studios with hosts Sean O, JJ Jurgens, and Marisa Serafini for a special interview of AfterBuzz TV's Hemlock Grove AfterShow. Fortier reveals how Marie feels about facing Olivia Godfrey, Marie's death, and her favorite Hemlock Grove characters.

Marie Godfrey has faced a lot family turmoil in the current season of Hemlock Grove thanks to Olivia Godfrey (Famke Janssen). Revealing Marie's ultimate face-off with Olivia, Fortier expresses that it "felt great for Marie... I feel like she finally has a voice. The gloves are off."

However Marie's fate has been decided by Olivia and her body ends up contorted in the tub. "I got in the bathtub facing downward and I held very still and the CGI guys came and they put their little green dots all along the parameter... and they took a lot of photos. And then I flipped over and I did my best 'I'm dead look'... then movie magic. And of course they added the blood."

Fortier claims she is a fan of the show Hemlock Grove and binged watched Season 2. She mentions "I'm really liking Roman. He's so dark. You're watching him struggle with his own, he's tormented because he has this hunger, this desire to feed but he's fighting it. And of course I love Destiny, she's fantastic."

Season 2 of Hemlock Grove is now available on instant streaming on Netflix. The full interview can be downloaded as a podcast in the iTunes store at, or watched on Youtube at or on the AfterBuzz TV website at

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