Governor Andrew Cuomo's 2014 Agenda on Next Edition of METROFOCUS

Governor Andrew Cuomo's 2014 Agenda on Next Edition of METROFOCUS

A new edition of the award-winning MetroFocus premieres in the New York metro area Wednesday, January 15 at 7:30 p.m. on WLIW21 and Thursday, January 16 at 8:30 p.m. on THIRTEEN and at 10:30 p.m. on NJTV.

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On the next edition of MetroFocus, what's on Governor Andrew Cuomo's agenda for 2014? In his State of the State address,the Governor proposed property tax cuts, medical marijuana reform, tougher penalties for texting and driving, performance-based bonus pay for teachers, upgrading New York's airports and statewide universal pre-kindergarten among dozens of other ideas. New York Magazine contributing editor Chris Smith tells MetroFocus host Rafael Pi Roman that Governor Cuomo "laid out a lot of interesting sounding ideas, but given what he's emphasized in cutting taxes, how he's going to pay for the good stuff is a very open question." Smith also offers perspective on the changing relationship between Governor Cuomo and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio. "They've known each other a long time," Smith said, "... to some extent the Governor still sees de Blasio as a subordinate. When you're mayor of New York City, you're almost an equal. And that's the dynamic that they're working through right now."

President of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Reynold Levy, arrived at the 16 acre campus in 2002. He's stepping down at the end of this month and leaving a very different Lincoln Center to his successor. Levy spearheaded the $1.2 billion re-development of Lincoln Center, and he says the changes make it "more energetic, more vital, more multi-lingual and more open..." than ever before.

Chances are you've never seen a wolf-coyote hybrid called the coywolf but it has arrived in New York. "Meet the Coywolf," the latest documentary from PBS' Nature series, premiering on January 22 at 8 p.m. on PBS stations nationwide, introduces us to the elusive canines. They originated in eastern Canada and are now emerging in New York City and on Long Island. Two wildlife biologists featured in the program, Mark Weckel of the American Museum of Natural HISTORY and Christopher Nagy of Mianus River Gorge Preserve, join Pi Roman to talk about tracking the hybrid species as part of their Gotham Coyote Project.

And, what should a non-sports fan know about the coming year's big events? Long time New York sportscaster and author Len Berman is joined by NPR commentator Frank Deford and The Wall Street Journal's sports editor Sam Walker to tackle the big issues coming up in sports in 2014 including, football concussions, the first cold weather, open stadiumSuperbowl coming to New Jersey in just a few weeks, and why the rest of the world will be focused on World Cup soccer in Brazil.

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