DR. OZ Welcomes Daughter Daphne & New Grandaughter

DR. OZ Welcomes Daughter Daphne & New Grandaughter

On yesterday's THE DR. OZ SHOW, Dr. Oz was joined by author, television host and his own daughter Daphne Oz and her new baby girl Philomena! Dr. Oz welcomes Daphne and Philomena and together Dr. Oz and Daphne discuss motherhood, health and Dr. Oz's transition to becoming a grandparent.

On her dad's diaper changing skills, Daphne says: "He's a SPEED demon. It's miraculous."

On his favorite part of being a grandfather, Dr. Oz explains: "I can give her back. So I can sleep. So I remember when you guys were all young. There was that moment when you're just about to break, all parents know that. And then, you'd smile at me. And you melt away all The Resistance and it all goes back again. But now, I don't have to have that because I only serve at those peak beautiful moments. She's awake, bathed, clean and lovely like this."

On her new appreciation for her mother and mothers everywhere, Daphne shares: "Thank you, mom. Thank you moms everywhere. You just pour everything into them. I had someone describe Parenthood to me, that it's the most intense, most fleeting and most wonderful experience you'll ever have and I think that is 100 percent what John and I have experienced every day with her."

On his parenting advice to his daughter, Dr. Oz shares: "I think you have this belief when you're young that you'll control everything and that it's all about you and you control destiny. And you don't. It's fate. And you're always just blessed to have things every day, that she's healthy and happy and loving life. It's the small things and it always has been the small things."

On what she's learning as a mother, Daphne says: "Being a new mom, I realize a lot of things have to be done one-handed."

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