Carrie Underwood on SOUND OF MUSIC: 'I Knew I Had the Furthest to Go'

Carrie Underwood on SOUND OF MUSIC: 'I Knew I Had the Furthest to Go'

In an article in yesterday's New York Post, Carrie Underwood shared her thoughts on starring in NBC's upcoming live broadcast of THE SOUND OF MUSIC this December. "I knew I had the furthest to go" [of anybody in the cast], said Underwood who has been working with dialect and acting coaches for her upcoming role of iconic governess Maria.

Praised Craig Zadan, one of the show's producers, "She's one of those people who showed up the first day and knew every line of the script and every note of every song. She's an unbelievably hard worker."

The upcoming production of the Rodgers and Hammerstein classic will not be a duplicate of the 1965 film starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer. Explains Zadan, "We would never propose to do a remake of the movie. It's sacrosanct. Nobody really knows the play and the differences between the play and the movie. We got excited by the idea of exposing a new generation to the play."

The 'Smash' producer also wanted to ensure that this production's 'Maria' had a built-in fan base, and Underwood, who won Season 4 of American Idol before going on to country music fame, fit the casting bill to a tee. "I think it's very important, especially in a piece like this, a musical that deals with religion and nuns, that she has that fan base," Zadan says. "There's an element in faith-based belief in the show. The spirituality in the show lends itself to Carrie's core audience."