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CRITIC'S CUT: The Most Iconic TV Theme Songs

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BWW TV World is thrilled to present our weekly Critic's Cut: slicing the best (and the worst) moments of pop culture into ten little digestible pieces.

Critic's Cut now runs every Monday, presenting television's 'Best Of' moments, characters, shows, and more!

This week's edition is a compilation of the most iconic - and straight up awesome - television theme songs. Listen or watch them all below!

10) The Simpsons
It's cheeky and over-the-top and that's what makes it great. It's undergone minor variations throughout the years (mainly on specials or a switch-up in what Bart scrawls on the chalkboard), which is also great. Undoubtedly the pinnacle of fine animated theme songs.
(Courtesy of adamkear)

9) The Addams Family
Yeah, they're spooky and kooky. What is it about this one that makes it a staple in every kid's music class? The snapping? Probably the snapping.
(Courtesy of RetroTimeTV)

8) Gilligan's Island - "The Ballad of Gilligan's Isle"
Well, the opening theme certainly gives you the entire backstory of the show. So that's a plus. This one seems to have stood the test of time simply because it was, well, fun.
(Courtesy of BlastFromTheePast)

7) M*A*S*H - "Suicide Is Painless"
The film made use of the lyrics by Robert Altman's 14-year-old son (really) but the television show just made use of the music. And really, that's all you need.
(Courtesy of eastest566)

6) Friends - "I'll Be There for You"
Okay, full disclosure: I've never found Friends to be particularly charming or funny. At all, really. But does this opener not make you wish that you had friends? Anyone? Anyone? Just me?
(Courtesy of jeanelle micallef)

5) Murder, She Wrote
Oh, god. Angela Lansbury riding a bike and jogging to the most elderly, jaunty tune ever. It's perfect. Without a doubt, this theme captures the lovable absurdity of Jessica Fletcher as not only the ultimate, grandmaster-grandmother sleuth, but the upbeat, offbeat tone of the show.

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