CRITIC'S CUT: Most Beloved Modern TV Couples


5) Jess Day & Nick Miller (Zooey Deschanel, Jake Johnson)
Okay, so this one is admittedly a stretch. But that kiss was literally heard 'round the world. Their romance may be on the back burner of that 10,000 square foot loft for now, but give it time. Every audience member knows where this one's going, we've just gotta give it time to actually get there.
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4) Santana Lopez & Brittany S. Pierce (Naya Rivera, Heather Morris)
One of the most memorable aspects of these two were their social standing in high school - and how they were more than willing to throw it away for some happiness. Though Glee has stuck to this theme in many incarnations, the pairing of Santana and Brittany was one of the most honest versions, and one that struck fans the most. They may be in a rough spot now, but most are sure we'll see them come around. Glee doesn't ever abandon storylines - even when they seem to be finished. Oh, and they're far less annoying than Kurt and Blaine.
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3) Temperance 'Bones' Brennan & Seeley Booth (Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz)
These two managed a professional working relationship for years. I mean, the tension and denied emotions were totally there, but the two have finally, finally gotten together. It may have taken five seasons for them to finally even get to locking lips, but all the best relationships are drawn out. Right every other couple on this list? At least now they've finally had that baby - so things may be official from here on out.
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2) Derek Shepherd & MerEdith Grey (Patrick Dempsey, Ellen Pompeo)
Sheesh. They certainly have had quite the journey to get to their spot of happiness, huh? Bullet wounds, plane crashes, affairs, divorces, etc. (this is all in one episode of GREY'S, mind you. Kidding.) But these two were just as addicted to each other as most audience members are to all of Shonda Rhimes' other eight thousand shows currently on the air. The pair have undoubtedly beat the odds, their relationship surviving (in some form) season after season, and finally have their marriage (originally declared on a Post-It) and a family.
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1) Jim & Pam Halpert (John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer)
THE OFFICE may have jumped the shark a couple seasons back when Steve Carell departed, but let's be real. Everyone was watching because of these two. Their relationship was constructed perfectly. When they finally got married, it was like seeing your two best friends get together after five years of demanding that they just do it already.

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