BWW Recap: How I Met Your Mother - Bass Player Wanted

This week on How I Met Your Mother, the episode had Broadway's Andrew Rannells as a guest star we got to see more of The Mother!

After Marshall vowed that he would walk the rest of the way from the where the bus had broken down, a car pulls up and offers them a lift - none other than Ted's future wife. Marshall gets in the car and starts to talk to her as they drive, and she mentions the guy who made himself lead singer of her band and then kicked her out, Darren.

She tells Marshall how he does it - first, he makes someone feel good, then forms a bond with the person with a fact from where they're from, then he tells them a tragic back story (stolen from Disney films), and finally gets people to tell him their secrets when they feel they can trust him - and then uses that against them.

Since it's her band at the wedding, Darren (played by Rannells) spends the whole episode pinning Lily and Robin against each other, as well as Ted and Barney. Lilly and Robin's friendship is tested as Darren continuously tells walks by and revealing things Robin had told him, including that she sided with Marshall in the argument about Rome versus Marshall being a judge, and put Ted and Barney's friendship to the test when he told Barney that Ted was planning to move to Chicago. Both friendships are mended quickly, Robin told Lilly that she was afraid she'd miss her best friend, and Ted when he stole the third bottle of $600 scotch for Barney (after the first two had dropped).

While with Marshall, The Mother finally gets up the nerve to go into the Farhampton Inn and tell Darren that he's out of the band, but gives up quickly. She has a monologue where she talks about people not getting what they deserve from karma, but things change when Ted punches Darren for making him drop the bottle of scotch. Darren stumbled in and told The Mother he quit the band, saying the last straw was that the best man punched him. The Mother tells the bartender to give the best man of the wedding the best scotch they have.

And that's how The Mother bought Ted a drink.

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BWW Recap: How I Met Your Mother - Bass Player WantedBWW Recap: How I Met Your Mother - Bass Player Wanted
by Molly Tracy - December 17, 2013

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