BWW Exclusive: THE FLASH/SUPERGIRL Musical Crossover Scoop and More from Paleyfest

BWW Exclusive: THE FLASH/SUPERGIRL Musical Crossover Scoop and More from Paleyfest

BWW Exclusive: THE FLASH/SUPERGIRL Musical Crossover Scoop and More from Paleyfest

Saturday afternoon at the Dolby Theatre, the four CW Network Super Hero television programs were all celebrated at Paleyfest. On hand, were some executive producers and members of the casts of ARROW, THE FLASH, SUPER GIRL, and DC LEGENDS OF TOMORROW. Moderating the panel was comic book super fan, Kevin Smith.

Before the cast took the stage, Mr. Smith shared with the audience his story of how he eventually tuned in to these CW Super Hero Programs. He explained that he was initially skeptical when he heard that his favourite comics would be turned into TV shows, but that his buddy and frequent co-star, Jason Mewes kept telling him he needed to watch, and eventually he did. He is now a dedicated fan, and has even directed episodes of THE FLASH and SUPER GIRL.

Present at the panel, were Executive Producers: Marc Guggenheim, Wendy Mericle, Andrew Kreisberg, Todd Helbing, Aaron Helbing, and Phil Klemmer. Present from the cast of ARROW were Stephen Amell and David Ramsey; from THE FLASH, Grant Gustin and Candice Patton; from SUPERGIRL, Melissa Benoist and David Harwood; and from DC'S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW, Brandon Routh and Caity Lotz.

During the panel, Mr. Smith took turns asking each producer and cast member questions, and as is customary with this sort of event, the floor was eventually opened to questions from the audience.

Given that four different shows were being covered and there were several panelists, there was not an opportunity to go into great detail about the upcoming musical crossover episode of THE FLASH and SUPER GIRL. That said, we did get a bit more information about what to expect when the episode airs this week. Specifically, Producer Andrew Kreisberg made the point to comment on how he knows that when a series attempts an episode like this, it is understood to be a bit of a 'gimmick' episode and that often means that it is a standalone bottle episode. Kreisberg pointed out that someone who does these event episodes best is Joss Whedon and that part of the reason he does it so well is because the episodes are not self contained, but instead address what the characters are currently going through, and continue to move the story forward. Kreisberg stated that the goal with this episode was to follow that model and that it is no coincidence that both shows' leads (Barry and Kara) are at a romantic crossroads at the time when this episode takes place. To find out exactly what that means, I suppose we will need to tune in to SUPERGIRL at 8pm on Monday and THE FLASH at 8pm on Tuesday.

Some other tidbits from the panel:

*ARROW star Stephen Amell shared that filming the 100th episode gave him a "much bigger sense of accomplishment" than he thought it would. He stated that he did a lot of reflecting on the early days and of the future successes of the cast and crew who he first met filming the pilot. He shared that while they were filming that episode, he would often think to himself "We actually did it". He finished by saying "I feel like the path to 200 will be easier" and the crowd loved it.

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