William Fitzsimmons to Play NYU Skirball Center, 4/16

William Fitzsimmons to Play NYU Skirball Center, 4/16

NYU Skirball Center for the Performing Arts has announced William Fitzsimmons in concert on Wednesday, April 16 in a special performance connecting to the rich folk tradition of Greenwich Village.

William Fitzsimmons is equal parts songwriter and psychotherapist, creating captivating music, which uniquely melds depravity, honesty, and autobiography into a counter-intuitive seamless whole. Since 2005, Fitzsimmons has created three full-length albums, each thoroughly themed and embossed with matters of family history, intimate disclosure, and bold confession, yielding rich folk music, ranging from the stark and acoustic to the voluminous and electronic. All the while reflecting William's commitment to addressing what is always pressing, and yet all too often ignored.

Growing up with two blind parents, sound became extremely important in communicating and relating to one another. After growing up around music, he set it aside to pursue his education. William received his masters in counseling and worked as a psychotherapist for several years before turning to songwriting. He truly writes the kind of songs that most songwriters dream about; brilliant, heavy, complex and intensely personal...the songs are nothing short of breathtaking.

The performance begins at 7:30pm at NYU Skirball for the Performing Arts (566 LaGuardia Place at Washington Square). Tickets are available for $25-$36 at

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