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Siegel explains, "In Mozart Premiere, the most famous instrumental works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart were rearranged, for the first time ever, with texts in different languages and thus made singable. To me, and for many people, it sounds so natural, as though they were always meant to be this way."

Five of the singer's favorite pieces from Mozart Premiere grace the Swan Lake album; also included on Swan Lake is the poetic "From Here to Eternity" from her 2009 album Eternity, which she refers to as a crossover album for its more contemporary feeling. Rounding out Swan Lake are four original pieces written by numerous composers and lyricists, titled "Somewhere Beneath the Moonlight", "I Believe in You" "True Love" and "Reach Out for the Stars."

Siegel, who resides in Florida with her husband, says she looks forward to opportunities to bring her out-of-the-box approach to classical music to forward-thinking venues and media outlets throughout the United States.

The albums Swan Lake, Eternity and Mozart Premiere are now available in the USA via Amazon, iTunes,GooglePlay and other stores online. Facebook:

Track List 
Swan Lake: The Most Beautiful Songs of The World by Kriemhild Maria Siegel 
The Lovesong in Me 
Swan Lake (Schwanensee)* 
Hijo de la Luna* 
River of Memories (Die Moldau) 
Kiss Me, Hold me, Love Me 
Song of Love* 
Il Senso Dell'Amore* 
Nel Gardino Dei Ricordi* 
Dire Sempre Dire Mai* 
Dreams are a Sacred Plan* 
From Here To Eternity* 
Somewhere Beneath the Moonlight 
I Believe in You 
True Love 
Reach Out for the Stars      
Abendsegen (Evening Benediction / Duet with Angela Wiedl) 
*denotes songs with an accompanying music video on YouTube

VIDEO: Maximilian Schell Performs on SWAN LAKE Video

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