VIDEO: India.Arie Debuts “Cocoa Butter” Music Video ft. Palmer


Cult favorite Palmer's is thrilled to announce their recent partnership with R&B songstress India.Arie. The two have joined forces in the creation of India's "Cocoa Butter" music video debut with Palmer's appearing in the sultry video. Check it out below!

The first single from Arie's upcoming "Songversation" album, "Cocoa Butter" represents the perfect synergy for Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula products. A fan of the product herself, when India.Arie sang "your love is like cocoa butter," Palmer's listened! The two plan to continue making beautiful music together on India's upcoming tour.

"I am REALLY excited to be partnering with Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula. Aside from being a longtime fan of their products, they're a family business with a strong ethical foundation and that makes us a great match," stated India Arie.

VIDEO: India.Arie Debuts “Cocoa Butter” Music Video ft. Palmer

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