VIDEO: First Look - Michelle Williams' 'If We Had Your Eyes'

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Michelle Williams, the third member of Destiny's Child, has just released an introspective music video. 'If We Had Your Eyes' in which she takes a look through the eyes of God. The singer conveys a powerful message using three stories which include a cameo from former Destiny's Child member LeToya Tuckett. Get a first look below!

Williams says she was inspired to write the song by a homeless man. She explains, 'The homeless person asked [songwriter Al Sherrod Lambert] for some money, so he gave him all that he had...The homeless man eventually started speaking into him.'

The former Destiny Child's songstress worked with Harmony and Warryn Campbell on this follow-up to 2008's 'Unexpected.' There's a few surprises in store according to Williams. 'I collabed with somebody that people are gonna be shocked about.' Whoever that turns out to be, is guaranteed to be a fan pleaser.

VIDEO: First Look - Michelle Williams' 'If We Had Your Eyes'

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