Traditional Country Fans Respond to Blake Shelton's Insults with Benefit Concert


The furor raised by Nashville country music superstar, Blake Shelton, when he complained that fans of older and more traditional sounding country music were not attending his concerts or buying his CD's, has a response. He publicly called them 'old farts and jackasses.' There has been a response all right, in Miami, Florida, of all places.

"We took immediate offense," said Bob Everhart, president of The National Traditional Country Music Association since 1976. "There's a tremendous difference in the 'country' music of today, compared with 'country' music of the past. These are two very distinctly different genres of music. Neither are related to the other. For Mr. Shelton to call me, and all of us who genuinely care for country music of the past 'old farts and jackasses' because we don't care for his music, is an insult mightly hard to ignore. America has always been a 'free' country where opinion, values, likes and dislikes are freely spouted, ignored or paid attention to. We are paying very close attention to Mr. Shelton's insults."

"Tom & Bernie Worrell started planning a benefit concert for "Horse Country" in Miami, last year. It was originally called a TRIBUTE TO ED SULLIVAN in an effort to raise money for the legal defense of "Horse Country," to stop condos, high-rises, huge shopping malls, and other huge construction efforts to deprive them of their 'grandfather- claused' property in Miami. The entire area is set aside to raise families and horses, not cement urban sprawl. So far the area has maintained its existence, but every year more and more intruders appear on the scene. Legal defense costs continue to rise. The concert set for February 23rd at the German-American Club in Miami, has had a name change, honoring Mr. Shelton. It is now called A TRIBUTE TO CLASSIC COUNTRY MUSIC and Tom & Bernie have arranged a huge program featuring some of the best old-time country artists living today."

Tom & Bernie have lived in "Horse Country" for over 35 years. "It's why we invested our savings in this Miami neighborhood." said Bernie, a Delta Airline employee. "We wanted to raise horses, and we still do. My husband Tom is a computer specialist, and together we quickly changed the name of our upcoming all-day music festival fundraiser to one more in keeping with what we stand for. A TRIBUTE TO CLASSIC COUNTRY MUSIC is exactly what it means, and we are happy to say, Blake Shelton has not been invited."