Trace Bundy's Tour Starts Today in Denver


The internationally renowned guitar virtuoso Trace Bundy is releasing his fifth full-length studio album, Elephant King. With a return to the raw acoustic clarity of Adapt and the mature melodic writing of Missile Bell, Elephant King is an intimate collection of eleven new songs that feature his best work to date. The album contains a bonus DVD of live songs from his latest concert in Boulder, Colorado, filmed at the majestic Boulder Theater. He begins his tour today, April 26.

Trace drew upon his childhood interest in elephants, as well as his unique personal experiences: “I was fascinated with elephants when I was a kid, and I’ve had a few run-ins with them. I was chased by them - twice actually,” says Bundy, “once while hiking in Gabon, and once on a South African safari.” Bundy has since developed a reverence for their power and humility.

Known to his fans as “The Acoustic Ninja,” Trace Bundy sells out shows across twenty countries with his rare combination of his jawdroppingly difficult arrangements with expert capo and fingerpicking techniques. His success was built upon connecting with fans: his videos attract over 22 million YouTube views and counting, and Trace enlisted his fans' help in naming a song off the new album ("Traverse"), posting a sample of the song online and receiving over 300 suggestions in days. Trace has also garnered the critical acclaim of major media outlets like 'Acoustic Guitar Magazine,' earning the title "Most Promising New Talent," and has sold over 67,000 albums worldwide.

Elephant King teaser:
"Dueling Ninjas" -
Pachelbel's "Canon" -
U2's "Where the Streets Have No Name" -

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04/26/12 - Denver, CO - ELEPHANT KING CD RELEASE at The Soiled Dove
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04/27/12 - Fort Collins, CO - Everyday Joe's
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04/28/12 - Buena Vista, CO - Orpheum Theatre
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04/29/12 - Colorado Springs, CO - The Loft
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