The Todd Londagin Band to Perform at The Terrace at Yotel, 6/6

The Todd Londagin Band to Perform at The Terrace at Yotel, 6/6

The Todd Londagin Band will perform at The Terrace at Yotel, 570 Tenth Ave at 42nd Street as part of 'After Work Jazz' on June 6, 2014 from 5 to 10 p.m.

Todd Londagin's "Look Out For Love" was released in January 2013 and features Londagin on vocals, trombone, Pete Smith on guitar, David Berger on drums, Matt Ray on piano and Jennifer Vincent on bass.

For anyone who loves joyful, unpretentious, but highly creative and spontaneous jazz, Todd Londagin's new album Look Out For Love will be a delightful discovery. The vocalist/trombonist's music is a vivid reflection of his personal roots. Growing up playing music and street busking in an itinerant, alternative-lifestyle family, he lived in buses, cars, homemade boats or tents, traveling throughout the U.S., Mexico, Canada and Europe. Home-schooled and with no formal musical training, Todd honed his skills the old-style way through influences like Nat King Cole, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, early Sinatra and New Orleans traditional jazz, especially Jack Teagarden (one of the few other trombonist/vocalists in jazz) and later, J.J. Johnson.
All of these diverse elements of musical experience have been brought together in a most refreshing, unfettered manner, and are fully evident on Look Out For Love. In the company of four longstanding musical cohorts, Todd has assembled a repertoire of 10 songs, culled from the Great American Songbook and popular songs, each developed in a most organic fashion by the musicians involved. In testimony to the great jazz tradition of spontaneous creativity, each song sounds as if it was deftly arranged to deliver its story in a planned fashion. But in truth, the songs were developed by the musicians in the studio in the best "home-cooking" style.

Part of this is due to the longevity of the musical relationships involved. Bassist Jennifer Vincent and drummer David Berger have been playing with Todd since the early 1990s (all three were original members of the successful '90s band, The Flying Neutrinos); while pianist Matt Ray and guitarist Pete Smith have been performing with Todd since 2000. Together, they artfully and lovingly developed each piece like an assortment of delicious dishes combined together for a cohesive feast. As Todd explains, "each tune is an exercise in doing things in a different way."

Reflecting the joyous abandon of the leader's freewheeling upbringing, a full palette of styles is employed on the album, from the 1920s style of the bouncily up-tempo Some of These Days (a tune Londagin has played since boyhood) to the samba of Brazil. With Matt adding glockenspiel and in the company of special guest Ms. Toby Williams joining in on the vocals, Brazil is a playfully romping item that surges in a controlled frenzy and is highlighted by Toby and Todd's interwoven vocals on the way out.