Sky-Pony Set for Series of Shows at Prototype Festival, 1/10-13

"Rock performance artists" Sky-Pony will perform four shows, each inspired by a different one of the four Classical Humors, as part of the Prototype Festival on January 10-13

Indie art-rock band Sky-Pony (pictured) will perform 4 shows on 4 consecutive nights as part of the second annual Prototype Festival.

Each unique set is inspired by one of the Four Humors of the Classical World. From the Greeks up through the Elizabethans, western culture believed that different bodily fluids -- blood, phlegm, black and yellow bile -- were linked to different personality types. There was the Melancholic (heartbroken and yearning), the Sanguine (pleasure-seeking and joyous), the Phlegmatic (thoughtful and reflective, and the Choleric (hot-tempered and veangeful).

These shows are just the latest in Sky-Pony's ouvre of works that blur the line between theater piece and rock concert. The group is led by Lauren Worsham (singer/actress currently appearing in A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder on Broadway) and her husband Kyle Jarrow (Obie Award winning writer/composer).

Deli Magazine writes, "Sky-Pony is not the simplest band to classify. They actually may not be best described as a band at all. Sky-Pony could be seen just as well as a burlesque show or carnival of sorts. Whatever you prefer, the rock performance artists have been dotting around NYC for a year now with their flashy costumes and careful choreography. You're never quite sure what to expect from one of their gigs."

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