Reverend Billy & Stop Shopping Choir to Kick Off New Campaign in Times Square Tomorrow


Reverend Billy & Stop Shopping Choir to Kick Off New Campaign in Times Square Tomorrow

Reverend Billy & The Stop Shopping Choir, who first rose to international attention for their music-based challenge to consumerism, have turned their attention to big corporations' role in climate disruption. They take up the plight of the Honey Bee in their new campaign, HoneyBeeLujah!, which launches with an hour-long action this Thursday, April 17, in Times Square. The event will begin in front of the U.S. Armed Forces Times Square Recruiting Station at 6pm with the Reverend delivering the Choir's new manifesto. Then the activist-performers, adorned and accompanied by hundreds of Honey Bees handmade by Savitri D. and the Choir, will move throughout what Reverend Billy calls the "Stonehenge of Logos" at New York's most famous intersection.

The Times Square event is the first of numerous "swarmings" Reverend Billy and the Choir will conduct to raise awareness about the "Big Ag" complex of mono-culture farming. They will perform in and around the property of Monsanto and Bayer, Home Depot and Lowes-the corporations that drench the land with bee-killing pesticides and GMO crops-leading up to, and over the course of, the run of their HoneyBeeLujah Show May 4 - June 22 at Joe's Pub at The Public (425 Lafayette St, NYC).

The HoneyBeeLujah Show will run for eight consecutive Sundays at 2pm. Directed by Savitri D., with Music Director Nehemiah Luckett, the performances will feature the 40-member Stop Shopping Choir, fronted by their eco-televangelist, Reverend Billy, and accompanied by the five-piece Not Buying It Band. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased at or 212.967.7555.

the "Big Ag" complex of mono-culture farming and Reverend Billy says, "The Honey Bee is an indicator species, signaling wider troubles in the biosphere. Populations have plunged by nearly half. The bee's extinction, so vital to the human's food supply, suggests our own survival problems in the era of apocalyptic climate change." The Choir is especially concerned about the "Robobee," a drone-like pollinator device being designed to replace Honey Bees.

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