RAFI eL Releases Video for 'Dolor'

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RAFI eL Releases Video for 'Dolor'

For the "Dolor" video first-time music video director Noah Temple teamed up with Rafi eL to tell a post-apocalyptic tale of a woman who runs from a burning city, loses herself in the desert, and is taken in by a mysterious band of survivors. The tale mirrors the song's themes of pain and bitter loss leading to transformation, even salvation.

Temple teamed up with choreographer Ben Wolff to create movements and gestures that would bring the story to life. The video was shot in one day on the eastern shores of California's famously decaying Salton Sea.

Noah Temple is 24 years old and has been making short films since he was in middle school. He grew up in Eugene, Oregon but now resides in Los Angeles. Ben Wolff is a choreographer based in Los Angeles who has worked on numerous music videos.

Watch the video here:

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