Pianist/Composer Alejandro Santoyo Releases New CD 'New World'

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Pianist/Composer Alejandro Santoyo Releases New CD 'New World'

Two years after releasing his successful first album ELEVATION, up-and-coming pianist/composer Alejandro Santoyo releases his second major musical work, with stunning and beautiful music to welcome a New Year, 2014. It features orchestral and choral grandeur, along with passionate solo piano pieces, which will take listeners into a "NEW WORLD" of sounds and emotions, unlike anything they've heard before.

"New World" (available at: combines solo piano, electronic sounds, classical orchestra, choir, acoustic guitar, ethnic sounds, and solo female vocals from around the globe.

The album is mesmerizing and it is inspired by the idea of a "New World," which entails a renovated way of thinking, perceiving, and living under united consciousness as human beings. This concept was translated into sound and music, in an enchanting and breathtaking way by the artist.

Alejandro Santoyo is a World-Class, International Pianist and Composer, who has lived in the US, Europe, and Latin America. He began playing the piano by ear and composing when he was 7 years old. He later studied musical courses at Berklee College of Music, and received a Masters Degree in music from UNM. Ever-since, he has developed a unique sound in his composition that evokes profound moods and emotions.

His music is sweeping and expansive. It tells a story and renders many images to the listener's mind. It could easily fit into any Hollywood movie. Some of his original works can be very healing as well.

It is a moving experience to listen to Alejandro play the piano live, as he gets completely entranced into his performances, while he improvises on his own original music. The passionate and emotional sounds that emanate from him when he composes and arranges, using a combination of piano, orchestral overtones, emotional voices, and guitars, flow into the audience to elevate their senses. Alejandro Santoyo's music has the capacity to transport the listener into another dimension.

"A Bach-like elegance of form, composition, arrangement and execution is Alejandro Santoyo's forte..." -John Payne (LA Times)

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Pianist/Composer Alejandro Santoyo Releases New CD 'New World'

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