Outasight Set To Perform 'Tonight Is The Night' with The Roots On Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Tonight

January 17
9:52 2012
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Outasight's first single "Tonight Is The Night" is shaping up to be a huge hit for the New York-based singer/songwriter/lyricist. He will perform the song TONIGHT on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (NBC 12:35/11:35cst) backed by The Roots. The song is climbing the radio charts and is playing on over 115 Top 40 stations including Z100 in New York, WKSC in Chicago, Y100 in Miami, WIOQ in Philly, KZZP in Phoenix, and KHTS in San Diego.

"Tonight Is The Night" has over 3 million collective views on YouTube and over 15k daily streams on Spotify, and the single has sold over 250k copies and keeps climbing up the iTunes singles chart where it currently sits at #33 overall . The video for the song premiered on MTV, where he was also featured as a PUSH Artist of the Week, and is currently in rotation on MTV, VH1, MTVHits, and MTVu. This past weekend, USA Today detailed Outasight's road to success in a thorough "On The Verge" profile which can be read here.

Outasight has been confirmed for the Snowstorm Music Tour with T-Pain and Gym Class Heroes in February. This will be Outasight's second tour with Gym Class Heroes, following their successful tour of the US in October of last year.


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